Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gold and Black

Gold. I LOVE GOLD. I am so obsessed with gold right now I went all the way out to Highpoint to buy Gold Lame leggings from Cotton On (on sale only $12.50). Now I'm not one for shopping malls, infact this was may be the first time I've been to Highpoint (maybe I've been to the cinema there). Anyway WOW Highpoint is Huge. It was fun, but so so so exhausting.

I wore this hat at Highpoint and got a few stares. That's one of the reasons I don't do malls, unless you are dressed in tracksuits and ugg boots or other "normal people" clothes you get stared at so much. The hat is actually Henry's...instead of the bf pants I'm doing the bf hat (I don't wear pants remember) OH and notice I'm wearing all gold and black...I love love love gold sooo much right now.

My love of gold made me fall in love with this bag. Yeahhh yeah there isn't much gold on it, but there is enough. The bag that my mum planned to buy me for my birthday (from my bday wishlist post from ZU) had silver studs and not I no longer wanted it. So I called up my mum and told her to get me this bag at Cotton On instead for my bday...and seeing as she hates shopping (yeah that's right she HATES shopping!) she gave me the money to buy it now. YAY. And she gave me $100 and the bag was only $40 so now I have some left over money for a much needed blanket (brrrrrrr its freeeeeeezing in Melbourne right now) Thanks so much mum.

Anyway I did decide that the bag didn't have enough gold, so I bought some gold studs at Lincraft and now it has a cool gold stud crucifix. I like that we did it asymmetrical now (at first we only did it because the studs were so hard to put on)Now I think it looks more personalised and cool and I don't want to make it even. As I said it was impossible to make the studs work, the instructions showed 4 pieces and we only had 3!!! We ended up inventing our own way to make them stay on....and hopefully they will!

Yay for GOLD.


  1. I'm dreaming of a GOLD dress at the moment - that would be so WOW.

  2. "...unless you are dressed in tracksuits and ugg boots or other "normal people" clothes you get stared at so much.."

    Definatley agree with that.. I don't think I dress that crazy but I get lots of looks in shopping centre.

    Just a warning for guys.. don't wear hot pink skinny jeans to Watergardens. My boyfriend got punched in the face for that lol..

    Where are the leggings???!?!?!???!

  3. I'll take a photo of the leggings soon FF. I totally forgot to take the photo...I was soooo tired Highpoint is too big!

    WOW punched, was he ok? Henry was wearing his bright red cardigan at a tram stop and a guy drove past and screamed "FAG" at him. That freaked him out...but punched woah. I hate this macho culture in Australia. Its oppressive.

  4. yer. i have the same reaction each time i go to highpoint. its HUGE.. but then when i make the yearly boxing day trek to chadstone, highpoint seems kinda miniscule in comparision.

    i'd love to see your gold leggings.

  5. I'm surprised you didn't get knifed at Love what you you did with the bag...have you found a blanket ????

  6. hahaha i work at highpoint and we generally have more stuff stolen than purchased..!

  7. Ahhhhhh gold. I also love gold. I have a craving for crazy tight skinny bright gold pants. I also admit I have a problem.

    Ugh. When I wear an outfit outside the norm for CT, (which is everything but hollister and sweatshirts) I get stares. I kinda love it.


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