Friday, May 16, 2008

I won a $50 Myer voucher

I never shop at Myer (Australian Department store) mainly because its just so expensive. So when I won this voucher (thanks Vodafone) I was thinking what could I possibly get at Myer for under $50? I soon found out the answer....not much. I went no less than 3 times to the store to find anything, anything at all that I liked or wanted that was less than $50 (I didn't have any money to add to the final cost). I thought I would get a book I want, but a quick look at their book section revealed what a joke it was. They had a total of 2 art books and 1 fashion book! So crap. So then I went downstairs the "The Basement" which is the young fashion section that used to be called Miss shop. I hate The Basement, everything is so expensive but so plain and not worth the price. I did find a leather bicker jacket I liked but they didn't have my size and it was also $80 so $30 out of my price range. I then went to see if maybe they had a cheap blanket because it's been so cold recently we have been getting out the ugly sleeping bag and putting that on top of our doona. Well the cheapest blanked was $299.95. Ahhhhh for a blanket? Crazy. The homewares section was full of plain pieces that didn't excite me at all. I was beginning to loose hope and patience. I really don't know what people see in Myer, everything is so boring. In the end I gave up and just got some makeup and a necklace so I could finally leave. Nothing too special.

I do like this necklace. It was only $12.95 and its by Jag. I like that its a giant stud, its so punky and so me right now. I am happy I got this.

I got some white sparkly eyeshadow by prestige. I really like white eyeshadow on my skin and always have some on hand but have just run out. So this was a needed purchase, nothing too fun.

I got some Chi Chi lipgloss (The red one actually) because I've wanted it for a while. I used to use it as a teenager and I thought I'll give it another go. Well its not as good as I remembered but its good for something I got for FREE!

So that is what I got for $50. Not much really, but still I'm happy because it was FREE. I just wish that it was for Target or BigW where my money could have gone a lot further.

Talking about BigW and money going far. I got the best bargain today.

These cute slippers for only $5!!!! They were on sale for $10 but because there was a small rip (visible in the picture) that I can easily sew I got them half price!!! YAY! So comfy. The only problem is Hachiko loves chewing on and attacking the pom poms. I don't think that will last if I accidentally leave them in the lounge room with him overnight.


  1. LOL, know the feeling. Because I'm a myer one member and pretty much only buy stuff there when there's a sale. I get sent $20 to $50 gift cards sometimes. And I just got my recent $20 one sent to me and all I bought there was lunch, because I was so damn broke and there's nothing worth having at myer for $20. I still have like $8 on the card. Which I'll use to buy lunch again when I'm starved and poor.

  2. surprise, surprise...Myer's such a rip-off! I guess the upshot is that you got some white eye shadow.

  3. suprisingly there are times when i like david jones better. even though they are still very expensive.
    maybe it's because i walk into myer so much and get bored of it.


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