Friday, May 16, 2008

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Before:Not to scale floorplan. The bed was up against the wall with the dressing table beside it. The desk was at the end of the bed.

It did look cute, but it didn't really feel like a "real bedroom"

The computer didn't make the room feel like a relaxing safe haven of sleep. It made us feel stressed about homework and if one of us was staying up late studying the other would have to endure the lights being on when they were trying to sleep.

Bedroom After:

Not to scale floorplan. We moved the computer into the lounge room on a new white desk that matches mine in the lounge. We sold the old red desk and bought 2 new bedside tables from ebay for $12.50 each. The bed now sits in the middle of the room, giving each of us some much needed personal space. The dressing table sits at the end of the bed which gives us a pretty view to wake up to.

The yukata (summer kimono) sits above the bed in its new middle of the room position. Idealy the bed would be white, but that's not happening any time soon.

We each have our own reading lamps. Only $7.95 from Ikea.

My bedside table with my fave fashion magazine and kawaii bunny money box from Tokyo.

Henry's bedside table with an Architecture book and a replica eames chair from Tokyo.

My dressing table has too much stuff! The lamp is an ikea lamp that I actually bought off ebay.

Beside the window is a collection of Vintage Japanese ink paintings. I want to get them framed as soon as I have some money.

What do you think? We are so much happier with the new layout. It's like a real adults bedroom now (kinda, all the pink girly things still make it very "me")


    It looks sooo much better now!
    It all looks so "kawaii" I must say!
    I hope some time soon i can move into my own appartment and make it like I want. All my current furniture is just bleh... it's pretty new though but just my tatse has changed. oh well enough of me!


    ps: lil question.
    Henry studied architecture yeah? how many year was it? 5? I got a friend who is graphic designer and lately has been thinkin of studying architecture. hard studied yeah?

  2. Heya Coco.
    Thanks, its almost too kawaii our bedroom. It is fun having your own apartment though. You can always paint old furniture or sell it on ebay if you get sick of it or your tastes change.

    Well Henry studied Interior Design which is 4 years, but Architecture is 5 years. Both are very hard degrees, lots and lots of homework and learning difficult computer programs. Architecture is more difficult though because there is a lot of maths involved. There is a little in Interior Design but not as much. Henry will work in an Architects office but specialise in interiors. I'm not sure if there are similar degrees in other countries as Henry's course is the only one like it in Melbourne, but I think you have more creative freedom as an interior designer rather than an architect.

    I hope that helps,

  3. your dresser is adorable, love it!

  4. thanks hayley this helped!
    it's funny I have been so much into interior design... but studying it, i can't!
    I have been working since a week as a fashion assistant for a friend and now i' thinkin bout studying fashion... sigh life and it's hard decisions!



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