Thursday, May 29, 2008

Melbourne Street Fashion WEBSITE

Melbourne Street Fashion

My website is FINALLY up and running on my uni server. The size limit to our websites was 3meg and mine was 16meg at 1st. Many, many, many hours later my site is now 2.7meg and has half the amount of pics and pages (OMG I HATE dreamweaver!!!) Oh and the font under the photos is meant to look like a typewriter but for some reason that didn't work but I DON'T CARE anymore!!! So to all the people who are not on the website, don't worry it's got nothing to do with you, its just because of the uni server. I culled randomly and I'm sorry if your not there, it was just what ever image was smaller not better. However in about a month I hope to have the site set up with my own domain name and cheap hosting with weekly updates. So you will be there soon. I may even post some on here so that all my readers can see your hot outfit!

It may be slow to load because the uni server is crap, so be patient.

Please give me any feedback. I hope you like it.


  1. H it looks fantastic...where does one vote? I really loved that you isolated one key piece in each in photograph and when you ran the mouse over the picture if flased up. Great use of banner graphics, over all the site has a clean yet edgy feel to it.

  2. Such a breath of fresh air. Quite remarkable.

  3. Oh, I totally love it! It looks great. The categories and blurbs are superb! Can't wait until you set it up as your own domain, Melbourne needs a consistant street fashion photographer/site.


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