Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Melbourne Spank Girl

I can't believe what just happened. I was in Footscray at Savers and I saw this girl who was dressed exactly like the Spank girls. I had my NEW camera on me so I was going to take her photo but I got a bit shy. Luckily though she was on my train (I'm not a stalker!!!) So I worked up enough courage to ask her if I could take her photo. She said yes (that's her and her best friend in the photo above). I also asked if she knew of Spank in Japan...Well guess what! She does, she actually lived in Japan around the same time that I did...oh and she is friends with the Toxic Lipstick girls as well as the Spank Girls and is the one who introduced the Spank girls to Toxic Lipstick!!! (Spank girls were my best friends in Japan and Toxic Lipstick are 2 Aussie girls who are in a band and live/lived in Osaka, they ALWAYS play at Spank parties)

She was wearing a necklace that was made by Toxic Lipstick and I thought I recognised it. She also had a kawaii pink bow in her hair that I forgot to photograph...Henry never lets me wear my giant bow in Australia...we get stared at too much. It was so weird because she knew all the same people and stuff I knew. She is also into art and fashion and music and she is really nice and friendly. We exchanged emails so I will hopefully have a new friend who actually knows what I'm going through with Tokyo withdrawals! So happy.

She bought these faux Reebok's at Savers!

The necklace that Toxic Lipstick made. So kawaii!

She also had this cute pin by Toxic Lipstick...sorry the photo is blurry still getting used to my new camera.


  1. fashion hayley we are mos def gunna be friends now!!!!!

    xoxoxox kati cubby

  2. So much fun. Serendipity, I say.


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