Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Camera

I got a new camera the other day. My scholarship money came through finally (with a letter and certificate from the deputy prime minister Julia Gillard no less) so off I went to find a camera. It was so hard trying to work out which camera was best for my small budget (about $150). I just wanted a camera that is small enough to take with me everyday because my digital slr just is too heavy and annoying (but it does look cool and professional) So in the end I found a Sony cybershot s700 on sale for $129 at Officeworks. Such a bargain. Its 7.2mp with 3x optical zoom. Its small and cute. I did want to get one of those fuji finepix in red but they were $300 for not much more features except its a cuter camera and I really prefer fuji (all my other cameras are fuji except the new sony one) Anyway so now I will always have a camera on hand for those important street shots and sneaky store pics. Yay.


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