Friday, April 18, 2008

New glasses

Yay. I finally found some new specs that I could actually afford. I've wanted glasses like this for ages, I have some from Japan but no place would put my prescription in them because they are not a good quality plastic and they would crack apparently. So Henry found an optometrist near Chinatown that looked like it was stuck in the 1980's. In fact these glasses are from the 80's, as the optometrist got them down for me he said no one has asked to see these for 10 They were only $35 plus my prescription so all up $125. Such a good bargain. I love the gold on each end. They are a little bigger than I would have liked but I think that kinda makes them cooler. I wore them to work tonight and got a lot of stares (possible imagined)...I think I could get teased in them at uni by some of the jocks, but oh well its worth it cos I can actually see with my new prescription, my old glasses are almost useless now.

Oh and I cut my own fringe, its not the best job and its shorter than I normally like, I did it in a hurry before my eye exam so I could actually do the tests without hair in my eyes.

My necklace is new too. It was $29 from Kinki Gerlinki in Fitzroy. Henry thought I looked like an architect today with my blunt fringe, hip specs, black dress and wooden necklace. (Henry just got his 1st real job at an architects office today, one day a week until he finishes uni at the end of the year then permanent. I am so happy for him, and now we both have jobs right across from our apartment, so convenient!!!)


  1. Hi! Love the glasses too! What was the name of the optometrist you found them at? I have been looking at frames for so long that I've actually become sick to death of the latest look and just want something different.

  2. Hi
    i randomly found your blog and think its really cute. Those glasses are sweet, I love little asian places too. They actually contain small hidden treasures sometimes.


  3. Hey huggy,
    I don't know the name of the store but its on Russel Street between Chinatown and Lonsdale Street kinda next to the Club X.

    My glasses have gotten a heap of complements and also laughs...oh well not everyone is going to "get them"

  4. I LOVE 'EM...the best glasses I've seen in ages xxx

  5. nice! i like that they are so big. i seriously dont have the guts to wear granny glasses. I think i'd cop alot of flak for it.


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