Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have tonsillitis which I have never had before. I didn't know it makes you vomit and feel sick all over not just in your throat. I hopefully will be back in 2 or 3 days with some interesting fashion posts when I feel better. Its hard to sit up and blog or look at blogs without feeling nauseous and I am meant to be doing homework....argggg.


  1. sheri's sick, I have my mega wisdom tooth and now chu...mmm,very suspect!!! GET WELL XXX

  2. darn homework ay?
    get better soon.

  3. That sucks, I have tonsillitis at the moment too. I can't sleep at the moment because of it.
    I grew up having bad tonsillitis and missed lots of school because of it.
    It so anoying, I haven't had tonsillitis for a few years now, I thought I out grew it.

    Anyway I hope you get well soon

  4. hi hayley, i have tagged you! the rules are on my blog.

  5. Heyley, Are you get well already?
    Please take care !!
    Would you please tell Sakiko that I am, finally, going to Seoul soon, and spend some days there?
    I think one (only one) NOVA will open around Shinjuku area in May.
    The address is not announced yet, but, I am exciting to see old NOVA friends again. BIBI

  6. Thanks everyone for all your kind thoughts. I am finally well enough to blog again YAY....which also means I am well enough to do my homework nooooooo.

  7. Hey Chikako,
    I told Sakiko that you messaged me. She is happy to hear from you and knows about the Nova opening soon in Shinjuku. I wonder what teachers will go there? Hopefully the nice ones hey, lol. I miss all my Nova friends...mainly all you nice students. xxx
    Oh by the way have fun in Korea...I'm going there in January for 3 or 4 months. Tell me whats its like.


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