Sunday, April 20, 2008

Melbourne Street Fashion: Party Pics

I am not really happy with my new camera. The shutter reaction time at night time is really really slow and the main reason I bought this camera was all the reviews said that it had amazingly fast night time shutter speed. Arhhhgggg so annoying. Also all the photos end up blurry at night too. I am not sure if it's because it was running out of battery power or what so I'm going to test it again tonight and if its still that bad I'm going to have to take it back. Damn it's so annoying, especially as I saw heaps and heaps of AMAZINGLY dressed FASHIONABLE people at this party but I couldn't take any photos because it just got so annoying. So please excuse the bad quality could be that I'm just not used to the camera or it could be the camera is shit.

The girl in the red is a fashion designer for some label that I forget and she is going to Sydney for Fashion Week next week. I love the blonde's whole look, especially the leather skirt.

I like her headband.

Ok this is a bad photo, but she seriously looked like a Melbourne Agness Deyn. Teddy is always super fashionable and funny.

Boozing in the lane. It was way too crowded inside the house. The dance floor in the lounge room was so packed, people were swinging from the chandelier.

Benedict in the dirty alleyway. The police tried to close the party down all night. No one would leave. Apparently it was still going strong at 10am the next day (I left at 3am because I had work in the morning)

Tony was still dj-ing at 10am the next morning...he already looks totally fucked here.

My new gold old lady cardigan from Savers for $5.99. I look angry because Henry was being annoying about taking the photo...he gets shy in public and doesn't like flashes going off. It gets annoying, but I still love him.


  1. H, you're so f**king fierce in that cardi!!! I L.O.V.E IT!!!

    Don't be too harsh the pic's are great! I forgot to ask, did you cop any stick from the 'jocks' at school for your new le specs ?

  2. oooh niiiice!
    who is teddy? i wanna see more ^^ hehehe

  3. Teddy is the boy. He is half Japanese or something? His cousin is Benedict the guy in blue with all the rubbish. The are both crazy fun and fashionable. What surprises me though is Benedict hates Japan, prefers the partiets and fashion here...We know the same pe ople in Tokyo (like Gallermic) but he thinks they are all weirdos. Maybe they are but that's what I love about them.

  4. haha I really wish to meet gallermic and all the crew...
    i fancy shingo alot (sigh) lol
    it's really weird for me to say their names... cause seriously do i know them? NO haha
    anyway teddy is really cute omgoshie... (feels like comming to melbourne now)

    and aren't weirdos abs cool? I tend to prefer em... lol


  5. wooow. you look cool in that cardigan. makes me want one myself!

  6. You+ old lady cardi= top rockin style


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