Saturday, April 26, 2008

5 things

"A dreamer" over at Aus Style has tagged me for 5 things.

5 Things found in my bag:
I swap bags almost daily but I always have
-my purse
-digital camera
-make up bag (if it fits)
-my mobile phone.

5 Things found in my purse:
-I never have cash as I always try to use eftpos (bank card) because it limits my spending so in my purse you will find my bank card and visa debit card
-a lot of tram tickets (I found some train tickets from Japan and 1 metro card from New York in there...I went to NYC in 2005/2006 I really need to clean out my purse)
-lots of receipts
-my target lay by card
-Artbox membership card (artbox is a Korean stationary shop in the city, I love cute stationary and with the membership you get lots of free stuff).

5 Favourite things in my room:
-Henry is always in there so him
-my comfy queen sized bed after 1 year of sleeping on a single sofa bed in Japan
-my beautiful retro pink dressing table from the Salvos in Richmond
-My Yukata (Summer Kimono) which hangs above the bed from Uniqlo in Japan
-my plastic wall pockets from Japan which hold photos, necklaces, party invites and other mementos of friends, family and good times (my year 12 formal ticket is in there, that was 7 years ago and I went with Henry, he wore a cool suit from Savers and I work an ugly dress by Alannah Hill, but its fun to remember)

5 Things I always wanted to do:
-Well I always wanted to live overseas so I have done that, but I still want to do it again.
-I have always wanted to open a shop which I will hopefully do in the next few years.
-I have always wanted to learn a language which I am currently working on but ahhh Japanese is difficult.
-I've always wanted to learn how to play piano, I had lessons as a kid but didn't continue.
-Lastly I've always wanted to have children before I am 30, but I'm not so sure now, that only gives me 6 more years of freedom, lol I am not ready yet.

5 Things I am currently into:
-I am into interior design
-reading way too many blogs
-speaking to old friends
-Savers in Footscray
-spending time with Henry.

The person who tagged you is: A Dreamer

Your 5 impressions of her: Really young but very adult at the same time, smart and fashionable, into socks and drawing.

I tag Fashion Fake

and anyone else who wants to do it...If you haven't done it and want to consider yourself tagged.

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  1. i assume your on the mend which is good! What is it with train tickets? they seem to breed, I keep finding Met cards in my bag and I haven't been on the train in 8 months!!!!


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