Saturday, April 5, 2008

Melbourne Street Fashion

I am finally doing street style photos. I used to do this in 2003 when I was studying photography at VCA as part of my art, before the whole street style website phenomenon and pre me having a digital camera. So this isn't new for me, but its new for my blog (I did do it sorta in Tokyo as well, but didn't blog everything because I was so busy over there). Anyway, today I spent a few hours taking shots of amazingly dressed Melbournians in the city. I made a business card to hand out so people can come and look at the shots and I seem a bit more professional. I'm also developing a website at uni that is going to be only street style, that should be finished in about 6 weeks so watch out world Melbourne street style is coming to get you! Hopefully when I move to Korea next year I'll keep it up there too, and when I move back to Tokyo I'll be doing it for sure. So this is the 1st of many Melbourne Street Style posts. Yay.

This girl owns 6 pairs of Melissa shoes!!! I am so jealous. I love her paper bag waisted skirt with zip and her cut off prada-esque socks. She is totally "on trend" don't you think?

Crazy Metal head fashion is hot right now in Melbourne.

This boy "looks good in leather" just like the song.

He has writing all around the bottom of his t-shirt. Here it says "Loose Kebab".

Sexy belt buckle

A vintage dress and opaque tights never looks bad. Loving the gold metallic bomber jacket too.

Rayban Wayfarer's I still love you, but even more when worn with a sunglasses chain.

"Chicken shop" comfy and cool right now too. I have these in denim.

Cute couple

Henry hates having his photo taken.

Same Leather jacket buddies...from the "teenage girl section at Target"!

So many stylish boys today. These boys were especially nice and friendly too.

Rocking the high waisted skinnys and ray bans combo. Love the leather jacket too.

I bumped into Tony, he was hanging out in an old fridge...

Tony loves his sneakers.

Love love love the silver shorts worn with opaques.

They are kinda matching and cute. Her brown boots are so cute and her hair is amazing.

Rocking the "mom jeans"

A pair of vintage loving young ladies in cute retro hats.

This girl has some nice shoes. She is wearing the "Melbourne Uniform" of black on black, but has that nice hit of colour in her red beanie.

Cute couple...and amazing retro bicycle in pink.

Cool hair on both these chicks. The top on the left is from Cotton On (I know because I was going to buy it). The black booties are super cool. I think they are from Payless shoes...I've wanted them forever but they don't have my size.


  1. H - you're rocking the posts, this was making Imelda very home-sick!!!!!

    Your next mission if you choose to accept it is to take the the train to Footscray and then the bus/tram to Knifepoint and snap some trend photos! I have a Taser you could borrow!

  2. ah I love the melissa shoes! I baught myself a pair yesterday ^^

  3. Hey there, awesome blog. Funny that you just started yesterday because I just googled 'Melbourne street fashion blog' and found you! Looking forward to some more Melbourne style :)

  4. good on ya! your pics of very styetastic people are great.
    cant wait to see more.

  5. Hello Hayley, chanced upon your blog and am loving it. Fashion Hayley Hits Japan is hot too - looking forward to reading your 'back catalogue' when I have some time. And can't wait for your street-style blog to be ready. x

  6. Hey hey
    Imelda, Ive never been to highpoint (knifepoint lol) so that could be a bit hard as I don't think I will ever go there, although it is right near my uni apparently.
    Coco, I saw your shoes, they are HOT so jealous!
    Te, Thanks, hopefully some more street shots by the weekend
    A dreamer, more soon hopefully,
    The likkle girl who, Thanks, I'm glad you like the blog and the Japan one.

  7. I love your street style pics! You have a good eye, keep working on it! I'd love to see more ^^

  8. i love my city! more street stylin' please. it has to be my favourite activity whenever i'm in the city - just spying on all the amazing looking people (but i'm too scared to take their pictures :)

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