Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Designers for Target Australia

Here in Australia we also get Designers for Target. The first 3 were


Tina Kavalis

and Alice McCall

all of whom are Australian designers, famous here in Aus (I hear that Alice McCall is doing a collection for Topshop this year and that Material Boy did a collection for Topman, so Aussie designers are getting out there). They all got released in October 2006, when I was first living in Tokyo. It was very annoying to miss out on something I had been looking forward to...well not too annoying as I was living in Tokyo, but you know what I mean.

The next designer was pretty huge, it was Stella McCartney in March 2007.

Again I was in Tokyo, but I wasn't too annoyed about missing this collection as I had seen the Stella McCartney for H&M collection when I was in New York and I wasn't too impressed. However hundreds of other girls apparently lined up for hours to get their hands on a piece and there were fights in the aisles, hearing all this just made me glad I missed out even more.

The next designer was Josh Goot in June 2007...again I was away.

I am disappointed I missed this as Josh Goot is one of my favourite Australian designers. Though I doubt I would have looked good in one of his body suits but I would have liked to have seen them.

The first collection I got to see was the Gail Sorronda collection which got realesed in October 2007.

I had never heard of this Australian designer before, but I did like a lot of her stuff, but not enough to buy any of it. It seemed a bit old me with the heart shaped glasses and cutey ness of it all.

At the same time Yeojin Bae's collection was released and again I didn't know the designer (Australian) or particularly like the goods.

Well on April 3rd this year we are getting another big international designer at Target in Australia. Zac Posen.

It seems that each designer collection grows larger and larger. The first few were just 3 or 5 dresses now we have whole collections including bags and sometimes shoes. The Zac Posen collection has some interesting dresses:

but with prices like $179.99 for the dress above there is no way I am getting any!

This dress is very beautiful, and according to the Target website Katherine Heigel has worn it (It wasn't her Oscars dress was it, that was red but only had one shoulder?) This dress costs $299.99 and it has only been made in a limited number to "maintain exclusivity" at Zac Posens request. The Target website has a competition that opens at 12:01 on the 3rd of April for you to go into the running to win the chance to buy the dress. When I first saw this dress I did wonder how they would display it at Target because its just so un-Target, now I know, they wont be!
Here is Katherine Heigel in what I think is the same dress. (I googled).

The only thing I love love love from the Zac Posen collection is this bag:

At $69.99 its not cheap, but I'm hoping that it goes on sale down the track so I can pick it up for less, unless it sells out (which I doubt...or hope).

The collection I am most excited about is the Collette Dinnigan lingerie collection which gets released on April 17th.

I need some new bras and some of these are just so cute. I love the retro styles, its all very Agent Provocateur-y. The prices are good too with knickers at $20 and bras from $39.99 to $59.99. I just hope the quality is good too.

The only designer for Target thing I own is a "The Veronicas for Target" dress. If you don't know who The Veronicas are (lucky you) they are a teeny sister girl band from Australia. (I think they are famous in the USA because in Japan the owner of Spank, Tabuchi, has a huge poster of them on her bedroom wall and I said "ohhh they are Australian" and she said "no they are not she got the poster in America"...she also thought Dame Edna Everage was a real woman from America...lol I miss her)

ANYWAY The collection wasn't actually part of the designers range, its a collection for teenage girls. I just really liked the dress and I wear it a lot. I think I got it on sale too for $20 or something. Here I am in my "The Veronicas for Target" dress:


  1. The bag is the only part of ZP collection I'd suggest buying...btw GREAT post. I especially liked that your friend thought Dame Edna was a real woman.

  2. i didn't buy anything from these collections but I really did like gail sorronda.
    I also think ZP collection is a little pricey. That bags hot!
    I'm not sure if it will end up as a sale item though.
    I'll cross my fingers with you and hope that it will.

  3. My friend from Perth was able to get me that bag and I love him for it. Eagerly waiting its arrival in Canada. Whee!!

    I liked some of the blouses and dresses but they are kinda pricey for Target. Like everyone else who commented, that bag is the only thing I was going nuts for.


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