Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hachiko has a new Jumper

I was actually looking for a raincoat for him because he hates getting wet when I found this. Its pretty cute yeah? It was only $6 from a "$2 shop" at Melbourne Central. It will keep him warm and cosy this winter....but also looking sharp!

I also found this:

On ebay. I'm not sure if I could actually walk around with this on him, it just looks so silly. However I do need to find a way to keep him dry so we can walk him. He is the type of dog who hates puddles, mud, rain....he is just so prissy. If we do try to walk him in the rain he just stops and looks up to us to carry him. Yet if don't walk him he whines at home. What can we do?


  1. your dog is too cute, especially in its cozy little jumper.

    Mine definatley needs something like that umbrella - he's such a woos with water.. and vaccum machines.. and bubbles...

  2. shut up! That too cute was it from the shop near the station? I have a tea cup chihuahua (who's as big as beer bottle) and he hate's wearing clothes :(

  3. Thanks fashionfake. He is cute n cozy. The umbrella thing is a good idea for wussy dogs, I think I remember seeing it in Japan on a few dogs (and a cat!) too so it must work.

    Imelda, yes its from the shop near the station. Hachiko kinda hates wearing clothes too at first, but after a while he settles down. When I first put it on him he kept hopping about but now he walks normally in it.

  4. oh my gosh hachiko is adorable.
    did you name him after the statue at shibuya?
    that umbrella thing is weird, and it could be hazardous. :D

  5. hey a dreamer,
    Yeah Hachiko is named after the famous statue in Shibuya, Tokyo. We have a lot of fun memories of meeting friends there to go out. The story of Hachiko is very similar to the dog on the Tuckerbox story in the dogs owner died but the dog kept waiting for him in the same spot. Its a sad but sweet story.


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