Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Sexy Leopard Savers Jumper Dress

I got this great leopard print jumper the other day at Savers in Footscray for $5. It looks much better in person...I need to get a new photographer, Henry takes such blurry photos and grumbles so much about having to do it so I always have angry faces cos I've been yelling at him for 10 minutes to do this for me. Maybe I'll do them with the self timer from now on, but I have nowhere to place the camera.

Also my shoes are new too, on sale at Target in Bendigo for $3. I love plastic Jellies and have this exact shoe in yellow as well. The yellow ones were from BigW for $6.

I also realise they are copies of the Fendi Jellies, albeit without the fancy buckle detail on the front. They do both however have annoying love heart shaped fasteners that make it really hard to buckle, the point of the heart sticks to every hole making the whole process take about 10 minutes...it drives me crazy!

And to all those nay sayers who think Jelly shoes are smelly and uncomfortable, I beg to differ. They are honestly the most comfy and soft shoes I have ever owned, and they only smell like plastic (kinda like the smell of show bags for those Aussies who know what I mean, and I love the smell of show bags). I own 3 other pairs of Jelly shoes, so 5 in total....I think I am obsessed.

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  1. i bought those deborah k AA looking leggings yesterday. Thanks for that post! I needed a reason to get new leggings.


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