Sunday, April 6, 2008

Depot: Art exhibition in an abandoned Bus Depot

Depot is an installation project by 7 artists at the decommissioned Grenda's bus depot in.....Dandenong! I haven't been to "the nong" before so I was a little apprehensive, but it wasn't too bad. Henry's tutors from uni were 2 of the artists showing their site specific artworks so that's why we went. James Carey and Campbell Drake are becoming famous interior designers here in Melbourne, having designed the famous and trendy outdoor bar Section 8 among other's.

The above work is James and Campbell's. Its obviously very much about deconstruction. They ripped lines into every single thing in their space, even into chairs, carpet and tables. I really like the light that was already in the room...I hope it gets saved before they tear down the building.

This was a "wind painting". A huge hole was cut into the roof for this big wind catching texta machine to do its magic.

I love all the old Bus memorabilia.

ABC Sunday Arts program was filming for the program. This was using the old bus drive through washer to paint a big wooden box blue.

The interesting thing was that they invited some of the old workers from the bus depot to come today. It was interesting to hear their comments about what they saw "like oh, that's different....hey that's where so and so's name used to be" or "Look what they did to the floor, I wouldn't want that at my house but geez its so different". Apparently it is one of the oldest bus depots in Australia, or the oldest, so for some people it will be sad when its torn down to became a highway.

Henry's uni friend Darren and his girlfriend Ming. They are really into 1960's fashion, music and design.

Me in my new dress and Henry in his bad boy rock look.

We found a middle eastern eatery and had yummy spinach and cheese pide for lunch/dinner. Only $ good.

We went to Savers as well, seeing as today (Sunday) is 20% off for students. I got a new dress (another one!) which I'll probably wear tomorrow, and Henry got a cool Danish look wooden bowl. All up that was $7.20.

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