Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm dreaming about a Reiss Radvanyi dress

Reiss Radvanyi is a hot Australian label that stocks at the uber cool Fat stores. Gold Coast trained (of all places) Reiss Radvanyi gets all his collection made in Australia too, out of high quality silk no less. He even declined an invitation to show at Melbourne Fashion week to have a small and intimate party with friends in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast to launch his collection. You have to respect a man who stays true to his convictions.

Well he has created my dream dress! I visit it at the FAT GPO store at least once a week. Yes I am really that sad...and poor. I love everything about it, the shape, the digital almost tie dye print which reminds me of that 90's fantasy trippy art that I loved so much as a teenager. Maybe seeing as its my birthday kinda soon I can convince Henry to buy it for me? But at around $300 I doubt it. I'll just have to make do with my Savers finds for now.

Here is some more from his collection:

Runway pics thanks to Lifelounge

How I would wear this dream dress, thanx to polyvore.
Necklace: Mercibeacoup
Animal cape: Mercibeacoup
Heels: Thor by Zu
Bag: Vintage
Lame Leggings: Not by AA thats for sure!

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  1. the print is really wonderful. 300 dollars, bloody hell. that's going to take while to save up. but maybe fat will have one of those random warehouse sales soon.


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