Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trip to Bendigo (aka small country town my sister lives in)

I went to Bendigo for the weekend to visit my sister who lives there for uni. I hardly ever make it down there and it's only 2 hours away on the train, so it was really nice to finally go. Unfortunately it was the Easter long weekend, so not many of the shops my sister wanted to show me were open, and some of them looked amazing (like the one below) so I'm going to have to visit her again soon.

Below is my sister walking down the pretty lane.

My trip coincided with the Bendigo Easter Show. Basically its like a country fair, with rides and fairy floss (cotton candy in USA English). My sister didn't even know it was on as she normally leaves Bendigo to come home at Easter, so she's never seen it before.

Below is The Shamrock Hotel, one of Bendigo's star attractions. It's such a beautiful old building.

This is my favourite restaurant in Bendigo. The food is a little pricey for me right now though, so we didn't get to eat here this time. I think the interior is more city than country.

They also have outside dining.


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