Sunday, March 23, 2008

My sister's shabby chic country cottage

My sister has always loved the shabby chic look and the colour "clinique green" (as she calls it). She collects teapots and hat boxes and 1950's furniture in that colour. Most of her stuff is actually in storage in Melbourne right now, as living in the country is just a temporary thing. However I think what she has done to the place is amazing, seeing as she has only lived in that house for 1 month.

I got these green apples for her in Tokyo for only 390Yen ($4) for all 3!

For Christmas I gave her the pink teapot and the floral pink canister.

Her couch was only $20. The fabrics a bit old and ratty but pretty good bargain. She wants to get it reupholstered one day. The coffee table used to be mine, I got it at a garage sale for only $5. The red rug, cushions and lamp are just temporary, she used them in her dorm room to make it brighter...but seeing as she is only in Bendigo for 1 more year there really is no point investing too much as she just has to move it all back to Melbourne.

You have to remember this is a Student house, and she shares with 2 other girls. Pretty cool hey?


  1. looks amazing! vintage and cute kind of feel to it.

  2. Thanks, thats the look she is going for...vintage cute shabby chic. You should see the stuff she has in storage, it AMAZING!


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