Saturday, March 22, 2008

I got my desk

It fits in nicely. Note I still haven't got a new desk chair or replaced the tacky Paris print...soon

The desktop photo on my laptop was taken using the built in webcam!

My in out tray sits in the ikea shelf because the printer/scanner takes up a lot of room.

I got this great world map desk mat at k-mart for only $9

My cheapo ikea lamp sits nicely next to my lucky cat money box.

Its great to be able to have my own area to study. Henry is jealous, in our bedroom his computer monitor takes up his whole desk.


  1. aw thats looking nice!
    I used to have that desk, just the bigger version and i do have that lamp aswell... except in white and blue ^^

  2. Thankyou...I need a comfy chair kills my back sitting on the fold up chair for longer than 10 mins.
    Yeah thats the problem with Ikea stuff, everyone else has the same thing! I guess everyone loves a bargain, a desk for only $39 is amazing!

  3. haha yea i agree!
    ya get urself a good chair! uts kinda important ^^


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