Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Recent-ish outfit

Dress: $30 from Femme, which I guess is like Forever 21 in the USA.
Belt: $5 from Portmans, which is like Next in the UK, only I only ever shop at their bargain basement store (I have found skirts marked down from $150 to $5 in this amazing secret0ish store)
Leggings: Thrifted from Kinji Harajuku for $7...By the way they are wet look lycra.
Motorcycle boots: A recent score thrifted from the Savers in Footscray near my uni for only $10. I will post more about the stuff I have found there tomorrow, and do a close up of the cool buckles on the back of the boots.
Silver bird necklace: Thrifted for #4 from Camberwell market.
Total outfit price: $60...not too bad.

I have mentioned before my city's obsession with wearing black (there is even an exhibition on right now about it as part of the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival..I'll post about that later, but I'm too busy to go to any shows this season) Recently I have started to wear more black again because of this (it makes me feel comfortable when I'm out, to kinda blend in).

I actually bought this dress months ago, but I lost it in the giant mess that we call our bedroom. Last week we did a HUGE Spring clean and culled a lot of the clothes we don't wear (actually I kept most of mine, I just yelled at Henry to chuck some of his shit out so I could have more wardrobe space, ha ha...and now he actually has no wardrobe space, he is using a suitcase that slides under our bed as a giant drawer...I am mean but now I have room for all my shoes, bags and skirts!)


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