Saturday, March 8, 2008

90's floral and fake marc jacobs boots

Tonight I wore some of my new thrifted finds from SAVERS in Footscray near my uni.

I have been trying to find a floral dress for ages, but could never find anything that fit or was the right shape or colour. I found this dress accidentally at Savers, I wasn't going to even try it on because it didn't look like the right fit for me, but when I tried it on I was sooooo fit like a glove. It was only $6 too which was such a bargain. Now I can finally be 90's and balenciaga-esque when I feel like it. Henry calls this dress my Nana carpet/couch dress...he hates the fabric.

These are the shoes from my last post. They were only $10 at Savers. They are actually shoes from Target from about 2003/2004 that I reallllly reallllllllly wanted as they were copies of a pair of marc jacobs boots that all the "coolsies" at art school had. I was too poor to ever buy them before my size sold out, so when I saw them at Savers in MY SIZE and for only $10 it was a sign from god or something...I had to have them! I love all the buckle details and the slouchy-ness, they are so biker-chic rough bitch, they make me feel naughty when I wear them, like I should be covered in tats and chain smoking. I like how I can mix the floral dress with these to make it not so girly girly.

I thought this outfit was really cool and original.... however, I just looked at the Melbourne Style Blog Fash Rash and saw a girl in almost the same outfit as me!

The only thing is her boots are the real marc jacobs (I think)

This is my new chain quilted bag also from Savers for only $3!!! I love the big tassel on the zip, its such a nice detail...its also my first ever chain bag, so YAY!
I accessorised with a matching gold necklace from Diva which was $5 and my thrifted Camberwell Market $10 belt.

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  1. ahhh you look so cute here, I like this look a lot. and it is so funny that the girl does really have the exact same thing on!


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