Saturday, March 1, 2008

Long time no post, and update on my life.

Hey guys.

I am really sorry about the lack of posts lately. As some of you know I just started uni and also a new job so I have been super busy and then too tired to post (All summer I was unemployed and therefore had heaps of time to post and sit around so I'm not used to having so much to do in my day...I'm sure I'll get used to it soon though, and regular posting will return)

My uni course is good/ok...its what I thought it would be.

I've kinda done this backwards, normally people start at this uni and then try to get into a better uni, but I went to the best art school in Australia (and got really good marks) then dropped out after 1.5 years cos I was 19 and silly...I tried to go back but they wouldn't let me because I had disappointed them (I was the teachers pet, the favourite student, and they were very angry when I left...but one of the reasons I left was because of exactly that...the other students hated me because the teachers put me up on this on open day they asked all the other students to take down their work so I could have more space to showcase mine....yeah that's going to make you popular)

The people at my new uni are also 100% uncool (some of them are OK, but mostly its 100% uncool suburbanites who dress for comfort...ewwwww) I don't really care this time though, I just want to get a degree, any degree ASAP so I can move back to Tokyo. The course itself I would say is actually better than my old one simply because you learn art school you just learn to talk bullshit but not about how to actually make your stuff look the photoshop teacher at my old uni was about 100 and read from the photoshop manual to teach us...he had no idea...It was also a photography course so you would assume you would learn photography techniques...well you have assumed wrong...You learn nothing of any use....its just a prestige thing to go there (Its full of hipsters) and its in a good location.

My new uni is in a "bad neighborhood" which is so bad that after 5pm there is a security guard waiting at the shuttle bus that takes you to the train station. I think that might because one of the lecturers was murdered in the campas carpark. Yeah I feel soooo safe going there, but yeah as I said the course is actually pretty good. We are doing a html class so I can learn how to make websites and maybe hopefully learn enough to make my blog look way better. I also have a class where I have to write a blog, which is fun, cos that's already my hobby. My major is visual arts so I'm dong art history but seeing as I already did this at my 1st uni I'm going to see if I can get a credit for it and not have to do it...I already knew more than the tutor (she couldn't remember Tracey Emin's name, she was going Tracey, Tracey, so I yelled out Emin) The art history tute is full of people who are studying teaching (wtf?) and they have no idea at all about art so I could do really really well. We are going on an art gallery excusrsion, and its actually to a friend of mines yeah I think my tutor will be impressed with me (The other students hadn even heard of the gallery ACCA, which is very famous... I practically used to live there)

So yeah the thing with my new course is its handy to know stuff like html, mixed in with easy for me art history stuff. The art history class has 3rd year students as well, and our major assignment is only a 1000 word essay...I'm guessing this is going to be an easy 3 years to get my degree (The only challenge is the html stuff really) My other uni we had to write 10,000 word that's hard!!!

Here is a breakdown on the 2 unis

my old uni VCA: prestigious art school, the "best in Australia", learn no practical skills, learn lots and lots of theory to enhance your practice, hang out with cool people, in good area, no funding at all (in 2nd year there wasn't enough money to have lectures, we could only have tutes), no exchange program, famous artists as tutors, no idea when it comes to technology.

my new uni VU: kinda the worst uni in Victoria in reputation sense and in dangerous area, has really really good funding (I got a $2000 scholarship, I can get a free scholarship to go on an exchange o/s to any country up to $11,000 so essentially I can travel for free) I also got a free 1gig USB, learn lots of practical skills, easy history class, no cool people like VCA, 1 famous artist as a tutor (for my 2nd semester class), really technologically savvy (like writing our assignments on a blog)

All in all I think it will be ok...I wont be super inspired by the people around me like I was at VCA, but I will learn usfull skills. There is also an amazing Savers near uni so I will also be able to go thrifting in my lunch break. (Already bought sooooooooo much stuff!) I'm not too fussed if I don't make friends, I've got enough stuff going on outside of uni. I just wish I could finish it all in 2 years not 3, but I don't think I can get that much of a credit (I think I need to know the html stuff for 2nd year, so yeah I have to do it)

Ok so thats where I'm at right now with uni..and I did say I started a new job, which yeah I did. Its just market research in the evenings (calling people to do surveys) and its good money at $21 an hour, the best thing is it's right accross the road from my apartment. I can just get up and cross the street to go to work, so I have no excuse to be late.

So yeah my money situation is much better these days. I have a job, and also I got a $2000 scholarship at uni, so I'm getting a laptop (its a red dell inspiron 1520 and it comes next week) Its meant to be a good computer for what I need it to do for the price I want. I hate macs, so it had to be a pc. We did loads of research. The only thing I'm not sure about is if I should have chosen windows xp instead of vista...I think its too late now as the order is in, but if anyone has any idea about vista and if its still a hige hassel to run please let me know.

So that is where I am right now, busy, busy, busy. I'm going to try and post at the very least once a week from now on, so please check back as there will be more posts. (Hopefully tomorrow I will try and show you all some photos of my amazing Savers finds of late)


Hayley x

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  1. awwww, macs are awesome! I've heard not too good things about Vista, but I'm sure it will do for regular internetting stuff - just don't try and expect fancy programmes with fancy drivers to work. If you want to spice up yr blog, you should come to my site: (shameless plug). I think VU is supposed to be pretty good actually - pity about the neighbourhood.

    Glad to see you back!


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