Monday, March 24, 2008

My Parka

I finally got the parka I loved from Target. It was actually on sale for only $67 instead of $90 so I decided to buy it now and not pick up the layby, which cost me $ I saved $20. YAY. I got it at the Bendigo store, the city Target has sold out in most sizes so I was pretty happy to find it at the sale price.

I feel very Melbourne in it...its very "Claude Maus" (Melbourne hipster store) They have a very similar jacket that was shown at Melbourne Fashion Week. I'm guessing it's a lot more than $70.


  1. ooohs, me likey.
    Your necklace is cool too!

    I've been wanting to get a heavy-ish fringe eg. yours
    for ages.

  2. Guess what! I made the necklace...its just plastic chain from Bunnings which cost $5 tied together with a ribbon! I saw a necklace exactly like it in Tokyo at the mercibeaucoup store for $100. Yay for my bargain.

    Fringes are annoying, it makes my forehead pimply...But they do look cool.

  3. the parka is loooooooveeellyyy!
    I've been wanting a parka whole winter long... i still want one, but I can't find one here... why why oh why!

  4. Coco do you live near a H&M? Your from Belgium yeah? They had amazing parkas from H&M that I posted about that other bloggers had (Fops and Dandies, Dreamecho and Picky Pics)...Is there nothing left?

  5. sighness yeah I live near an H&M 2 in my city ^^
    I haven't been there since a while though!
    I'll find a parka in london! I am moving there in 1 week! wish me luck to find one!!!



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