Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My sister's fashion is very Gossip Girl

I have loved Gossip Girl from the beginning. I watched the trailer to the series months before its premiere and got super excited, as I loved the books. However to me the fashion seemed really old, I stopped wearing that look half way through my year in Tokyo. I just got sick of being told I was dressed "maid style" or "goth lol" (Gothic Lolita in English).

Me in my Gossip Girl-maid style-gothic lolita days, with The Spank Girls...basically they helped change my look.

My sister however has continued with that look, and was lucky to receive a lot of my hand me downs. As soon as I saw that Gossip girl was coming to Australian TV (on cable which I don't have but my sister has) I told her to watch it. Now she is just as obsessed as me (as I don't have cable, I d/l all my eps...shhhhhhhh, my sister is lucky enough to have access to cable) My sister thinks her style is a mix of Jenny and Blair...What do you guys think????

Here is my sister in her Gossip Girl Best. (Click on the pic's to enlarge)

Jacket: Hand me down from me, $30 thrifted from Kinji in Harajuku.
Shirt: Hand me down from me, $25 thrifted from a shop in New York.
Neck Bow: another hand me down from me, $3 from Paris Kids in Harajuku.
Belt: Borrowed from me for this shoot, $25 Portmans.
Heels: My sister got this at an AMAZING sale at Target for only $4.50 2 days ago!!! ONLY $4.50 crazy hey?
Socks: Again mine.
Headband bow: Mine, a gift from the spank girls, just used for this shoot.

Shirt: My sister thrifted this from hunter Gatherer a few years ago.
Houndstooth swing coat: My sister's own...I don't know where from.
Skirt: My sister thrifted this a few years ago too.
Ribbon: From the FAT store's gift wrap. It has the pretty logo printed on it.
Headband: From the AMAZING Target Sale, only 56CENTS!!! Why even bother asking for money, it might as well be FREE!!!
Shoes: Another AMAZING Target sale bargain, only $4.50!!!
Mustard leggings: Hand me down from me, $5 from some store at Melbourne Central.
Belt: same as the red one from before.
Bag: I gave this to my sister.

(My sister actually turned up at my house in nearly this exact outfit which consisted only of hand me downs!)
Black Trench coat: Hand me down, I got it for $90 at Kinki Gerlinki in 2003.
Shirt: Hand me down, I got it at QBF for $29.
Skirt: Hand me down, I forget where I got it, but it was way back when I was in Highschool.
Ear Muffs: From H&M in New York, borrowed for this shoot.
Socks: Hand me downs again, $3 from Target.
Bag: My sister thrifted this at Savers with me a few days ago for $6.
Shoes: Another Thrifted from Savers item for $6, Target Brand (More than the NEW Target shoes, how weird)
Necklace: My sister got this at the Diva sale.

Dress: This used to be my mothers.
Turban headband: Mine, I got it at Sportsgirl for $9.
Bag: My sister got this as a Christmas gift one year.
Tights: My sisters from Myer for $8.
Shoes: The same AMAZING Target sale shoes from before.
Shopping bags: Mine, from Tokyo...I love to keep them on my dressing table.

Dress: My sister got this the other day shopping with me near my Uni for only $15.
Tights: My sisters from Myer for $8.
Blue polka dot headband: My sister got this at the AMAZING Target sale for 56CENTS!!! OMG right!
Shoes: The thrifted shoes from before.
Necklace: Another Diva Sale rack bargain my sister picked up.

Dress: My sisters. I don't know where from.
Gloves: My sisters from Myer.
Necklace: My sisters...Diva maybe?
Earings: My sisters from Diva.
Shoes: The Target sale shoes from before.
Faux Fur Stole. Yet another piece from the AMAZING Target sale from only 56CENTS!!!!!!


  1. wow you and your sister look so alike!

  2. oh my gosh. i love all your sisters outfits! all the blouses and the bows are too cute and they seem like such bargains. those $3 polka dot socks from target are amazing! and i'm also loving the ear muffs.
    i'd say she's more jenny...

    everytime i wear over the knee socks, i get comments like "hay, you look really jap"...
    uhhhh . they are just socks..!?!

    i also d/l GG. hehehe. i'm not lucky enough to have cable either.

    did you watch skins when it was on sbs? the character cassie had the kookiest/cutest outfits.

  3. Hey coco. When we were younger people used to think we were twins! However my sister now would be a little annoyed to hear that we look alike because she has worked really really hard to lose weight...while I have done nothing at all about it. Maybe because I'm married or I'm just too lazy.

    Hey a Dreamer... I love Skins. I've been watching the 2nd series online (it's currently being aired in the UK) Cassie is my favourite...but in the new series she kinda takes a downturn...You have to watch it, its so good.

    The socks thing would get annoying. I've heard that happens if your asian and dress cooky cool. It doesn't happen to me or my sis. How annoying. Its kinda like when I got told I was too "maid style" in Japan, that drove me so crazy, crazy enough to change my style completly!

  4. ahh theres a second season of skins?!! YAY!

    yes, the jap comments happen alot if you are asian and dress a little differently.

  5. you are the best sister ever to give such generous hand me downs! my fave is the mustard leggings one. great work :)

  6. Love the first outfit your sister has on.Those white bobby socks she got from you,where did you get them and what do you wear them with? I love little white socks like that.


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