Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day Suprise Picnic

Henry's suprise was to whisk me away for a nice picnic in the park once he finished work.

He made my favourite baguettes with avacado, camembert cheese, tomato and cos lettuce.

We drank champagne from pink cups with fresh strawberrys to enhance the romance.

I wore my comme des garcon t-shirt to mark the occasion.

Henry wore a new wolf t-shirt from a $2 shop.

I got a little dizzy after soooooo much champagne.

My outfit: Comme des Garcon t-shirt $50 from the Comme des Garcon shop in Harajuku. Skirt thrifted from savers $6 and shortened, New necklace from $2 shop (2 necklaces joined together at $1.50 each), Red leggings from I forget...and white "chicken shop shoes" from Big W for $9.52 (not pictured)

It was such a nice romantic afternoon. We didnt get each other any presents as we feel its too commercial.

Did you know that in Japan Valentines day is actually a day where women have to give men presents? And the presents have to be hand made chocolate (they sell cute kits to make the chocolates...if your lazy you can just buy chocolates already made though)
The women get their day 1 month later on March 14th and its called "White Day". They can recieve any gift but it used to be all about giving white chocolate, hence the name. Its crazy isnt it?

Love from Hayley xxx


  1. Ohhh how cute. What nice picnic suprise.

  2. mmm, makes me wonder where I can find one of those "boyfriends/husbands", you think they sell them at Myer??

  3. i love your cdg shirt! and the valentine's day picnic is such a nice treat.

  4. cute! You look so young and fresh ;)


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