Sunday, March 9, 2008

I want an "office" in my lounge room

I got my laptop the other day and it came with a FREE printer/scanner by surprise. (The delivery man said everyone had been surprised that morning, its some special promotion not advertised on the website... You need to buy the printer ink through Dell so maybe its some way to get more money out of us eventually, but I don't was FREE)

Ok well I just looked at the website and its only worth $69...but its still FREE.

Anyway, I have decided I need an "office" somewhere in the house. The only room we have for one is in the lounge room...right here

We will have to move the white folding chairs to into the dining area and the dressmakers dummy to the bedroom or to the side. I measured the area and the desk I want from ikea will fit perfectly (it will have to sit in front of the heater which by the way doesn't work!) Henry thinks its going to look messy. but right now I use the dining table for my desk and that looks messy I think. I cant sit on the couch and expect to feel studious...I will end up just watching tv. I need a study space.

It just so happens that the new issue of Real Living magazine has some inspiring office spaces for me to get ideas from.

I love the waste paper bin in the last shot...I have a similar vase which is like a crushed up cola can.

I also checked out some bloggers office spaces

This is Making it Lovely's office, which is almost exactly what I plan on doing.

I don't know where I found this shot, but I love the wall collage. If I had my own private office space I would love to do this, but as it's in the lounge room I don't want to draw too much attention to it.

Here is my idea

Desk: Ikea Vika Amon for $39. I can get red legs for an extra $20 but I'm not sure if that will look good or childish?
Chair: I actually already have this, but I lent it to a friend...if I can get it back its FREE otherwise its $35 from ikea.
Draws: Ikea Helmer for $99. This will be really handy to store all my "uni crap" as Henry calls it.
Deer Head: I actually found a "fake" one for only $39 at Freedom, which I'm super excited about. I'm getting it in white, not the usual balsa wood. We will take down the old Eiffel tower print that is currently on display and hang up this beauty... Yay for fakes!

Total office: $177-$232 depending on if I need to get a new chair or if I get red legs for the desk. Not too bad!

However I wont be able to do this for 3 weeks because EVERYTHING I want from ikea is out of stock! I went in to get the desk after looking at the website which said they had it in stock only to be told actually they don't have it and wont have it for 3 weeks!!!!!! Now the website has been updated and it shows its out of stock, they must have fixed it after my complaints....grrr ikea.

Edit: OMG I just learnt how to make the photos in my blog larger...Its so easy to do too....I'm so stoopid!


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