Monday, February 11, 2008

Ikea: Who is the messiest?

Ikea Australia has this great new ad campaign called "Who is the messiest?"
It asks if its men or women, or goths or emos, even dog people or cat people. The best bit is you can vote online and win a $100 ikea voucher. They also have a section where you can "Dob in a messy mate" and win a $5000 ikea voucher...So we sooo had to enter our bedroom. It never ever stays clean for longer than 1 day. One of these days was rather recent (last Friday we had an inspection by the real estate) so I got out the camera to document the happy occasion.

My Yukata (Summer Kimono) proudly hangs above the bed.

My dressing table is very crowded...but with beautiful things.

I love Japanese plastic wall hangings and have a few in the bedroom for storage.

This is a clothes dryer from Swimmer, a Japanese kawaii brand.

Then 1 weekend later we are left with this.

As I have said on numerous occasions we just dont have enough storage in this bedroom for all our clothes. If we win this comp we could get some drawers and storage boxes and a sofa bed. I think you can vote for your fave messy shot, so please if you see ours vote for us. Thank you xxx


  1. Maybe you don't know, but I am the WORLD BIGGEST SWIMMER FAN! I love it so much! Theres even a Flickr group!

  2. I wouldn't say your room is messier then my room but I'll vote for you now that your entry in there.


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