Monday, February 11, 2008

Tokyo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2008

I was lucky enough to be invited to Tokyo fashion week last year for the Autumn/Winter collection. I would have to say I was pretty excited as this was "Tokyo fashion week". However Tokyo fashion week is very, very different from Melbourne or Australian fashion weeks...Tokyo's one is younger for a start, and it seems more disorganised (The press HQ was in a Freshness Burger fast food restaurant!!!...then there were no free goody bags on your seats...also there was NO champagne before the show, in fact I dont remember seeing any alcohol!!! Melbourne Fashion week is very glamorous in comparison with free make overs, manicures, champers and goody bags before the show...I think Diane Pernet mentioned her dismay at the organisation in her blog posts about Tokyo fashion week in March 2007 *NOTE: I actually saw her*)
However the shows sure made up for the lack of organisation. This is when I fell in love with Mercibeaucoup and Ne-Net. Their clothes are so different to what I would see byAustralian designers. The shapes are so volumous and the cuts so quirky which together with the crazy styling mix match of colours and textures make it very interesting to watch from the front row. Here are some photos from that collection:

Mercibeaucoup Autumn/Winter 2007-2008. Photos from my Japan blog.

Ne-Net Autumn/Winter 2007-2008. Photos from because I couldnt take photos at this show. This collections theme was "boring boy"...they had these crazy robotic men whose heads move side to side on one side of the runway...he is boring boy. (This is what I was told by the shop assistant who helped me when I bought my whisky dress...I got a free bag that says boring boy in Japanese too, haha)

Here I am in my Ne-Net dress I had to have after seeing it on the runway. I waited forever for it to arrive in store. Henry hates it of course...but I still love it.

Well now I am wishing I was still in Tokyo...The Spring/Summer collection was shown in September so I am posting this is a bit late, but looking at all the amazing clothes and accessories makes me want to go shopping in Tokyo again...this time with more money!

Mercibeaucoup Spring/Summer 2008:

I love the crazy make up they are wearing and the giant necklaces. (Last season they had these giant chain necklaces that I wanted soooo much but they were $150 each so I made my own with plastic chain from a hardware shop...You can see it in the pic of me in the Whisky dress)

This is my friend Pierre who is a male model and student in Tokyo...A know a few male models in Tokyo...most are students who do it to make money to live in Tokyo...Pierre is from france and he is totally crazyyyyy and in a band called Gimme Um. I miss partying with my Tokyo male model buddies.

Ne-Net Spring/Summer 2008:

I love the use of ethnic fabrics, and the African woven bottles they carry on their heads...I love native styles right now so I love this collection more than their last one...I so want to go shopping at the Ne-Net in Shinjuku.


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