Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Wow. I am sooooo impressed with the new season stock at Aussie shoe shop Wittner...its better than the Nine West stuff all the bloggers have been going ga ga over in my opinion.

Amazing brogues in brown for $139.95

Here they are in black, I prefer the brown. $139.95

WOW. I soooo wouldn't be able to walk in these. $169.95

Again WOW..I wish I was a lady and could walk in heels. $169.95

These are exactly what I keep looking for. I have found heaps like them at Savers but in like size 5 when I'm a 10...I'm gonna keep looking cos at $139.95 they aint gonne be mine for a long time!

Amazing...if I got them I will sooo have to have a pedi! $149.95

I already have silver I need any more...yes! But at $149.95 not right now.

WOW If I had a job I would soooo get these in either red or white cos at $99.95 they are cheap-ish and the heel looks managable. Please let me get a job soon...I'm sick of being poor!

The other colors. $99.95
They have some nice bags too. I would totally get this if I had a job. $59.95

However as I have said,all of them are out of my price range right now...So I've been hunting on ebay for something similar, and I've found these

I still love brogues, and I do already own a pair but I cant walk in them cos the heel is too high for me :S these ebay ones will be perfect cos they are flat, plus they are soooo cute cos they are brogue booties!!! Right now they are only $26, so I'm hoping they dont go for much more. Please ebay gods let me have these. Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


  1. Awesome shoes but I don't think I could wear more than a 1cm heel without falling flat on my face! You've really inspired me Hayley! I should be more fashion conscious.

    ps: my job finishes in a month or so and my boyfriend is waiting patiently for me in Melb and I cannot keep him waiting forever! Poor boy!

    But Japan will always have a special place in my heart. Kyushu is my second home!

  2. wow! I cant believe they're actually from wittner!

    thanks for the melbourne support.
    do you know of any other aussie blogs? Coz im looking for a few.


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