Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My husbands style

I have noticed that some fashion bloggers who are 16 are desperate for a fashionable boyfriend. I used to dream of having a fashionable boyfriend too, and now I can tell you its not much fun. They take up a lot of your wardrobe space and always ask "do I look fat?" or "what sunglasses should I wear?". They also have an annoying habit of "copy dressing"...basically I am always the first to get dressed, then Henry all of a sudden is matching me...white shoes, black pants, red top...We got yelled at in the street the other day for being too matching. They also spend a lot of money on their clothes (he spends more than me, but he says its because there is no cheap alternative for men...but I think he is just "brandist") which means less money for you. The only good thing about having a fashionable boyfriend (or husband in my case) is that you are never embarrassed because they are wearing tracksuit pants or something.

Anyway I thought I might show you all his style:

Henry riding his bike in Yoyogi Park, Harajuku.
He is wearing: April 77 Jeans from Harajuku, White Converse high tops from Melbourne, Japanese vintage sailor jacket from Chicago in Harajuku, Stripe shirt from local donquixote's (like a Japanese Walmart, only crazier) , black hat from We Go in Harajuku, and a bow tie. that was a gift. The glasses are from Takeshita Dori in Harajuku.

Drunk Henry. He is copying a look from the Japanese men's fashion magazine Popeye.
He is wearing the stripe shirt from before, hat from before, plus a ribbon we sourced from a fabric shop.

Here he is at Yoyogi Park Flea market.
He stole his hat from We Go in Harajuku (shhhh), his red cardigan he has had for ages, The bag was from We Go in Shimo Kitazawa, The jeans are lee from General Pants Melbourne.

This was out front of our house in Tokyo. His shirt and Jeans are from We Go in Harajuku.

Jeans from We Go in Harajuku. Braces thrifted. Badge from Spank!

We go jeans and shirt and hat. He loved We Go hey???

A more recent shot from Melbourne with our J housemate and my friend Tony.
Henry is wearing a UT Uniqlo t-shirt, bag from Takeshita Dori Harajuku and April 77 jeans.

This is an example of the copying. I wore white first. Then Henry did it too, so my friend Tony (who lives in the same apartment building) decided to do it too.
Henry's hoody t-shirt is from Alpha 60.
My Whisky dress is by ne net in Japan.

The t-shirt was my bday gift to him, so was the bag. His shoes are from an asian $2 shop (we call them chicken shop shoes, I posted recently about my denim ones and how these shoes are the "hipster" shoes of choice right now in Melbourne.)

So Yeah that is my husbands style. What do you think?


  1. henry has a dope style... i always found u guys so cool when i first knew TFR flickr and when i totally had no clue who u are and i didnt know ur blog either (the japanese one) anyways it's so cute that he copies ur style!

    and I am mad jealous about ur whiskey né-net shirt! I so want it! did you buy in japan or online???

  2. Hey coco.
    Henry is happy you like his style. The ne net shirt dress is from Japan, I got it in my last week in Tokyo because I wanted it ever since I saw the ne net fashion parade in April and it finally came out in like July.

  3. aaaawwww oki ^^
    I just know one site online that sells né-net and it's only based in japan... so sad. I really love n´-net and mercibeaucoup... but those I can't get here...
    Hope I can go to Tokyo in summer and do some shopping overdose!!!!!! and party with all those cool ppls!!


  4. wow

    that's a keeper

    kudos to him

  5. Hey coco, I love love love mercibeaucoup too. I was going to open a shop in Melbourne selling ne net and mercibeaucoup and other Japanese brands, but I realised I dont want to live here permanatly so I'm not going to do it....maybe after I have travelled a bit more. The shop idea has been my dream for as long as I can remember.

    Hey miss3va...yeah we are married so I do have to keep him.

  6. Aha, the thing about being sixteen and having a fashinable boyfriend is: You don't have to share a closet with them cause you don't live together. You also have plenty of time to dump them and get an unfashionable so you can have all the closet space you want XD

  7. hey pinkstarfruit, I was 16 when I met my husband...we moved in together when I was 17, so almost 6 years of sharing a wardrobe.


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