Thursday, January 17, 2008

Balenciaga-esc gladiator sandals

I cant believe my luck. I have found a pair of shoes which are very very similar to the now famous Balenciaga gladiator sandals that Jennifer Connelly wore.

Ok well mine are white, with a kinda ugly pink and blue metallic pattern, but the shape is the same. The best thing is that I thrifted them from Hunter Gatherer, a Brotherhood of St Laurence "op shop" that sells carefully selected "retro" items. They were only $10!!!

I need to change the shoe laces to something that matches better!

Henry was like no way are you getting those. They are hideous. He always says that at first about anything I buy, but then after I get a million complements he "gets it"...Henry needs fashion to be validated, for other people to already be wearing it, before he is brave enough to do it too. Which makes me very angry. He got all these cool clothes in Tokyo, but wont wear them here because no one else is. WTF? Thats the whole point of having stuff from overseas, no one back home has it. Arrrrgggg. At least he is pretty stylish (as per previous post).

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  1. those sandals are amazing!!

    I'd wear those in a heart-beat!


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