Thursday, January 17, 2008

I have a visitor from Japan...YAY

Today my good friend from Japan is coming to visit me. She was my favourite student at Nova, and when I changed schools after 6 months we kept in contact (shhh, it was forbidden to socialise with your students at Nova, but I guess that now Nova is bankrupt it doesn't matter anymore!) I am so excited. She is staying for 9 days at my house in Melbourne and I have a lot of plans. The annoying thing is it has been super hot for the last 2 weeks, but for the next 7 days it is cold and raining...and right now we have a drought, it hasn't rained that much in why now? Why when I have a friend coming down to enjoy our beautiful beaches? Arrrrgggg stupid weather.

This is me and Sakiko at Narita airport. She came to say goodbye.

Now she isn't very fashionable but she is super sweet and funny. She did say she wants me to help her with shopping while she is here, so I do have a few ideas for a makeover. I'm not being mean either because she is the one who said it, not me.

I will keep you updated with what we are doing, but here are some of our plans:

Fish and chips by the beach with Hachiko.
See the fairy Penguins at Phillip Island.
Hug a Koala and feed kangaroos.
Go to China town, little Italy, Greekville, Mini Saigon and Arab Area for all the different food. (I made up some of the names).
Go to my friends Aboriginal food restaurant and then to see the Art Gallery which has an Indigenous Australian Collection.
Go to St Kilda Beach (Looks like LA).
Go to Fitzroy (Melbourne's answer to Harajuku).
Shopping in Australia's shopping capital (Melbourne is famous in Australia for shopping).

There is sooo much more that we are stay tuned for photo's and updates. YAY!!!

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  1. Hi, Haley and Sakiko!
    This is Chikako from Tokyo.

    Hayley, I hope you remember me well. I am very happy to know via Hayley's blog that Sakiko is vising Hayley now. I am sure both of you are having fun. It's very cold week in Tokyo.
    Hayley - I hope I will be able to see you in Melbourne some day.


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