Friday, January 25, 2008

The Melbourne Look

This "Polyvore" I made sums up Melbourne style: Kooky, Architectural and BLACK! If you wear colour you get stared at constantly and people think you are a little crazy. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but I seem to get more respect when I wear all black than if I go out in crazy much though that I often try to avoid going into "cool indie" shops on the days I'm wearing colours because it gets me down. All they sell anyway is black clothes (I'm talking about Alphaville, Fat and Claude Maus here Melb peeps) with a few white or grey pieces too. To fit in more here maybe I need to go back to black. When I 1st went to Japan my whole wardrobe was black and it took meeting the Spank girls to wake me up to how colour can make you feel happy and have fun (admittedly I don't wear as much colour as they do)...

So I went out shopping the other day to get a "Melbourne" outfit...for under $20 (I am crazy poor right now...paying of huge debts thanx to living in Japan *Totally worth it)

This is what I came up with...Yes not 100% black but I was trying.
Notice how I added "kooky" elements such as the bag...very popular in Melbourne. I got a lot of compliments in this outfit, way more than if I wear a colourful dress.

Dress: Cocolatte in Melbourne Central was having a HUGE sale and I got this dress for $12...It was my 1st time into that shop too. You cant really tell in this pic, but it has great little architectural details like pleating and front pockets that make it special.

Yellow plastic jellies: Big W for only $5. Love at 1st sight as right now I am obsessed with jellies!

Bag: From Thank You Mart in Harajuku, Tokyo. Only 390 yen ($4AUD) as is everything in that store.

Badge: from when I was a kid.

Belt: thrifted from Camberwell Market. Only $10.

NEW GLASSES: A present from Sakiko, my Japanese visitor. YAY. I have wanted them for soooo long, and she went to get them for me from Harajuku. I haven't got my lenses in them yet because I don't know where to go for only lenses, most places only make money from the frames. Anyone have any clue?

Old glasses...see how they don't even fit me properly and are lop-sided. I cant believe I paid $300 for these...ewwwww!

New so far, just need to find out where I can get my lenses put in to I can see!
So much cooler than the red ones, and they fit me better too. YAY!!!

I know I promised updates about my friend visiting but I was too busy having fun. Also my Internet has been shaped AGAIN (I think my housemate must download a lot of porn or something because we checked our computers usage and we only used 6 gig, so he must have used 14 gig...ahhhh not fair...I cut down on all my web viewing of tv shows...easily done now that there are no new episodes of Gossip Girl) So I post some photos of here visit here as soon as this Internet issue is fixed. I want to post every day, but its soooo gets in the way.

OH and to the girl who stopped me in the street because she recognised me from my blog and the Internet music forum that I post on...I'm sorry I didn't ask your name, I was just surprised to be recognised. It was lovely to hear that you enjoy my blog "that its a good read" (ummm I'm not sure about that) and I want to say I love your hair and pm me on m&n or something.

That's it from me for today...hopefully our net will be faster soon and I can post again.

Hayley x


  1. ahhhh...what a cute look. I do like it on you.

  2. the smiley bag is soooo awesome...did you get it from the 390 store near Laforet??? :)

  3. Yeah its from Thank You Mart, the 390Yen store on Meiji Dori.


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