Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friends inspire my style

I just realised that the outfit I wore today is very similar to what my friend Maya wore a few times in Tokyo. Even my hair is the same as hers! (I actually realised I cut my fringe to look like hers when I did it). If you are around people a lot it makes sense to find inspiration from what they wear.

You cant really see in this photo, but the dress is super similar to mine. You can see the hair though.

This is my Maya inspired look that I wore to Shittown (Melbourne club) to see my friend Tony DJ.
The dress is thrifted from Savers, $6. I cut it short as it used to be floor length.
The necklace is from the $5 rack at the Diva sale.
The belt is thrifted from Camberwall market for $10.
The leggings are thifted from Kinji in Harajuku, Tokyo, $8.
The bag is a super old thrifted item from Savers...I recently rediscovered it.
My shoes are new. They are from Kmart for only $6. Right now these "Chicken shop shoes" are the latest "indie" craze in Melbourne. Henry has them in white and red, now I have them in denim. Yay. Henry got stopped in the street by some indie kids mother wanting to know where he got his from. His are from an Asian $2 shop in Smith Street, Collingwood (a kinda rough area).


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