Friday, January 11, 2008

In my bag

Well this seems to be going around the fashion blogs atm. I wasn't tagged to do it (I have never been tagged to do anything on this blog :< ) like most people, but I decided to do it anyway. I did something like this in Japan for a magazine competition but never blogged about it. Anyway this is what is inside my bag!

You can actually see the contents of my bag because it is clear plastic.
That is often very helpful when going through bag checks at shops, I don't need to open my bag!
The bag is from a shop in Shibuya, Tokyo that I forget the name was only $50

1. My red glasses that I need to watch movies, read menu's on walls and see people far away. I hate them and want to replace them asap because they are so ugly and unfashionable and thus I never wear them. Unfortunately I cant have contact lenses because I have perfect eye sight for things up close, its only for far away things, and having things in all day will damage my close up vision. The case was from a 100 yen shop in Harajuku.

2. My mobile phone (we don't say cell in Australia). I love flip phones now after living in Japan and this was the closest match to my Japanese phone I could find here. Flip phones are still unusual here for some reason.

3. My red make-up bag. It was $5 from three minutes happiness in Shibuya, Tokyo. I don't really need such a big bag for my make-up, its just a habit I have where I bring everything with me "just in case"...of what I don't know!

4. My purse. Its a fake Chanel from my Canadian housemate in Japan for Christmas 2006. I know fake is bad, but I haven't found any other purses with as many pockets and compartments to replace it.

5. I also love having "keitai straps" which is what mobile phone dangly things are called in Japan (keitai means mobile phone). The red bear is one I got in Tokyo from a train station ad poster, they had them on the wall and you rip them off, when you press its belly it sings. I asked my Japanese housemate here what it sang about, apparently its saying "get a part time job". The hello kitty was from my J housemate for Christmas. They make it really easy to find your mobile in a crowded bag.

6. The make-up I actually wear. White eye-shadow from Japan (I don't know what brand as the name has scratched off), black eye liner pencil by rimmel, gloss by rimmel, mascara by rimmel (my mum gave me a rimmel make-up set for chrissy, just when everything needed to be replaced! thanx mum!) and a free demo sized Chanel foundation which I use to cover spots. The rest of my make-up bag is full of eye lash curlers, lip sticks and eye shadows I hardly ever wear.

7. My thrifted wayfarers. I got these in Tokyo for $40 (Thrifting can be expensive in Tokyo) They were at Topman in Harajuku (They have a topman and topshop in Harajuku, but its not owned by topshop. its owned by a Japanese guy who buys the stock in the UK and sells it all marked up very high, they have got some vintage stuff in the store as well...The owner was actually Henry's student and told Henry all about how he pitched the idea to topshop UK and how he has to mark the prices up super high so the Japanese actually buy the stuff, so they think its doesn't sell in Tokyo)

8. Head band and hair scrunchy. The scrunchy was a gift from the Spank girls in Tokyo. I need these because my hair drives me crazy in Summer, and my fringe gets in my face.

9. My keys. I have a I heart NY keyring, plus a kapa maki sushi keyring, plus a Japanese kokeshi doll keyring, a Madonna keyring from the Tokyo concert and a little toy train called Henry keyring.


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