Thursday, November 15, 2007

My it mod, retro, oriental?

I was asked to describe my style by a friend. I would have to say its a mixture of styles with a prominent colour. I think our house is very Mod and retro with mixture of Asian/Oriental thrown in. Obviously red is the colour dejour in my house. My fashion sense is very similar, bold, bright and kinda kooky.

An exciting development with the dining table situation. We are FINISHED!!! Yep we got the chairs from the ebay seller and they look amazing. It was a little difficult fitting them into my mums car, but with a little help from a drill they came apart. PLUS Henry finally made the hanging light. And it looks amazing. We decided to not use the shade I bought because we couldn't decide on the right fabric to cover it with and in the end Henry stood on the shade at now it has a dent. (Henry never watches where he is walking) So we went to Chinatown and got a giant rice paper lantern in red. It looks great during the day but at night the light it gives is very red and we are not sure if we like it. It gives a nice mood but is it the red light it emits too red light district?

The chairs were only $99 for all 4. They are a little rusty though so we need to work out how to remove the rust. Does anyone know how to remove surface rust from chrome?
I am still going to make vintage red kimono fabric cushions, so not 100% finished yet.

In this photo you can see how the lamp hangs. We hooked it up with those 3m removable hooks. I think we can maybe sell these to renters who want to have a hanging light but cant due to renters not being allowed to fit or build anything in the house. We could get cool shades made with graphic prints and combine the cord and hooks in a package. We would need to get them manufactured and patented and I guess by showing you all here I've given the idea away for free. Oh well. All Henry did was buy a 10 metre extension cord and cut the end off to attach a lamp bit and light bulb. (like my use of tech language...lamp bit, what is it called?)

Hachiko wanted his photo taken too.

We also got a new bin at Big W (like Walmart I guess). It was only $22 and now Hachiko wont be able to pull out tissues from the bin anymore because this one has a lid. Plus its silver and now matches our dinning chairs and kitchen appliances. Yay.

Our old bin. It will now be used as an office bin like it was designed for.

All you have seen of our house is the kitchen/dining/lounge open plan area. I'm hoping to change that soon. I have some old photos of our bedroom from before we added a few final touches which I will show you now. Then once our bedroom is clean I will take new photos and show you how much better it is now. (Our bedroom is always messy. We have NO storage. The wardrobe in our bedroom is misleading. It has 3 doors, 2 open up to wardrobe space and 1 opens up to a WALL!!! Its so annoying. With that little bit more space we would have somewhere to put more of our clothes. It doesn't help that my hubby loves fashion just as much as me and has almost more clothes and shoes then me!)

Our bed takes up 70% of the space. That's what modern apartments are like. Our bed is so nice and it was such a bargain only $300 at the Salvation Army Charity shop in Richmond and that included a new Queen size mattress as well. It was brand new from Captain Snooze (A bedding furniture store in Australia) and the RRP was $1300. Such a saving. I got 4 years ago when I was still a student and I don't think I will need a new bed for a few years, although I would prefer a white bed, not brown. Maybe Henry could paint it?

Next to the bed is my pride and joy. My beautiful retro dressing table. I got it for $130 at the Salvation Army Charity shop in Richmond, the same place I got my bed. It has way too much stuff on it. Henry keeps buying me 2 of everything. For my birthday 2 years ago he got me a beautiful jewelry box in red that I loved, then 1 week latter he got me another one from a 2nd hand store. I was like why do I need 2? The new one is a musical box, and I do love it but they take up so much space. Then last year fro my birthday he gave me 2 tree shaped ring holders. I was like why do I need 2, I only own 3 rings! He is really funny like that.
I love how the dressing table has white and pink draws. We added the red handles (cheap wooden ones spray painted red) and I got the pink stool for $9.95 from the children's section at ikea. The dress hanging up is one I designed and made from vintage fabric.

That is our small bedroom without the decoration. We also fit a small computer desk at the foot of the bed. You can see that my love of red, retro and Asian fabrics (the doona cover) continues into our bedroom/love nest.

I just found this picture in one of my files and I don't remember where I got it. Our house looks very similar, only ours is messier. I like the collection of frames and art work. We need to do something like that near our hallway.

Ok I'm going to clean up the bedroom and show you the changes and also clean the bathroom and show you that room too.


  1. looks great!
    I love your blog ^^
    loved ur old blog too!
    your an amazing chick! wohooooo

  2. Thankyou. Its nice to know people read my blog and like it. Thanks again you made my day :>

  3. That dining room picture is from a Canberra blogger
    I think she also submitted it to apartment therapy

    I am enjoying reading your blog!


  4. Hi, it didn't take me long to find this ;-) Yes that is indeed my dining room, I can't believe you found those chairs - so similar, LOVING!. Though I should confess my home is NEVER that tidy either (I cleaned up just for the photos)!!! If you are interested you can see more from my house on and

    Cheers, Ninaribena


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