Sunday, November 18, 2007

Index, RMIT Interior Design end of year exhibition

My husbands uni course had its end of year exhibition for final year students. My husband studies interior design at RMIT in Melbourne. The course should actually be called interior architecture because interior design conjures up ideas of decorators which isn't what they do at all. Basically they are specialised architects, without the architect qualification. It's kinda a pointless degree unless you make a friend who works in an architects office so you can get a job. Hopefully Henry can do this. He just has 1 more year left of study, so this is the year to try and get an "internship" of some description.

Anyway the exhibition is called Index, and it was held in an underground car park turned gallery.

The bar looked really cool and we spent most of the night there!!!

A students model

Conceptual ideas

Me and Henry
It was really hot so my face went bright red!

Henry's uni friend Darren and his girlfriend Ming.
We went out for dinner with them afterwards in the city. We had cheap Japanese food.


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