Sunday, November 11, 2007

I won these chairs on ebay

They were only $99 for 4 buy it now. How could I resist? I love the 60's shape, but I mostly love that they are chrome. They are going to ad some much needed texture to our dining area. I am going to make kimono cushion pads for the seats so they are comfortable. YAY.

I decided to buy the fabric. Again on ebay buy it now for only $9.99. Yay so cheap. Its 100cm of fabric so each cushion will be about 25cm x 30cm. I hope that is big enough (the base of the cushions will be plain red) Yay for texture and non ikea furniture!

The other red chairs I was lusting after went for $259. Yikes too much for me right now.

They aren't worth it, too scratched and cracked for that price if you ask me.

In other special news its my husbands birthday this month on the 27th. He will be turning 27 (omg so old!)

I am organising a dinner party with 6 friends (we will need to use our ugly ikea foldout chairs, but at least some people will get the nice new ones from ebay) and hopefully our new light will be made (minus the 70's-ish fabric cover as it will clash too much with the kimono cushions)

I am trying to find some cool table settings for inspiration. I was thinking a Japanese theme, with Japanese food (Henry's fave food right now is Japanese curry) but that's a bit too much Japan Japan for everyone who comes. I'm sure everyone is sick of us saying "Well in Japan they....." or "In Tokyo we....." so having a Japanese themed dinner will just make us even more wankery/showy off-y about having lived there thus boring our poor friends half to death. The Japanese theme though is pretty easy as I already have all the "tools" to make it work; chopsticks, lanterns, Japanese bowls and plates, Japanese music...even a Japanese housemate who is a very good cook.

Japanese theme menu idea:


Cold soba noodles

Miso shiru

Sushi (kapamaki and inari for the vegetarians like me)

Vegetarian Japanese curry

mmmmmmm makes me hungry just thinking about it.

drinks we would have

Henry hates sake, but he loves Japanese beer. He prefers Kirin but I don't think you can get that here in Melbourne.


mmmm Japanese crepe. It has a slice of cheesecake inside and sooo much cream. mmmmmm fatty. I don't know how they stay so thin!

Decoration ideas:

hang lanterns up for colour

Japanese table setting (but more colourful than this picture)

What do you think? Do you think this is a good idea? Henry's fave food is Japanese food, so he will love it, but will our guests?

I also have no idea what to buy for his present...I got him Jean Paul Gautier cologne last year which he loves.

hmmmmm. I have no idea what so ever. He doesn't read books, he is particular about clothes but he loves fashion, he likes expensive designer labels (I don't have a big budget for this)

He always talks about wanting a remote control helicopter to fly out of our 8th floor window (which I think is incredibly dangerous)

Oh and don't worry he doesn't read my blog.

Anyway its super late and this is my 2nd post for the day. Too much already.

Sayonara xxx


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