Sunday, November 11, 2007

Camberwell Market

We went to Camberwell Market today with the dog.

I wore a lot of black and white.
The dress was $10 at Peter Alexander, so technically its a nightie not a dress but shhhh. Its also 100% see through, so I got a t-shirt dress from cotton on for $20, which made my $10 bargain not such a bargain anymore. The hat is from Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan. The belt was a Camberwell Market find from my last visit, its too big right now and falls down. The dog was trying to chase another dog 10 times his size. Silly Hachiko.

Lots and lots of vintage dresses at this stall, but all too $$$

When I saw these chairs I was sooooo excited, then I found out the price, $400 for all 4. Poo!

This chair was only $15, but it wasn't in a good condition.

What I bought

These necklaces were only $2 each. I love the red fabric one, I'm interested in different textures and materials being used in necklaces. I've been making woolen necklaces recently which I'll show you all soon!

This dress was $5. Its way too long, so I'm going to shorten it tonight (maybe)
It looks great with my red belt because the checks have red through them which you cant see in the photo.

This was a bit expensive at $10, but it looks super cool on, and I want to add some blue to my wardrobe. I'm going to wear it with a high waisted black skirt or some shorts if I find some high waisted cool-ish ones that actually fit my large arse!

I could have bought so many more things, but my lovely hubby was too hot and bothered from waking up early, and he started whinging and whining to go home. As soon was we got home he fell asleep. We were meant to go swimming in the afternoon, but I couldn't wake him. Oh well, I guess I'll try out my new swimsuit another day.

Its so cute and its from Target! I also accidentally got it half price because after trying it on I put the 2 pieces on just 1 coat hanger and I only got charged for the top which was $21. The bottom was meant to be another $21. Oppps. Its not stealing when its an accident, I didn't even realise til I was half way home.

Til next time,


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