Monday, October 8, 2007

Home wares shops around the world

When I travel overseas I always see beautiful stores full of amazing things for my house. Due to packing a large suitcase full of clothes and shoes I cant ever bring everything I love home with me.

In New York I fell in love with Urban Outfitters. I wish we had one in Australia, not for the clothes, but for the cheap home accessories and rugs and ohhhh everything.

We got our cuckoo clock in a sale at Urban Outfitters for only $10 US or something.

If I look at the website I just get angry that I cant buy any of it here.

In the UK it was all thee stores that had clothes on the ground floor then home wares on the 2nd floor. I don't remember the names as this was 7 years ago now, when I was 16, but I remember thinking we have nothing like this at all in Australia.

I do remember the names of the clothes shops I love in the UK. Topshop, H&M and New Look. I loved H&M soooo much. The New York stores for H&M weren't as exciting for me as the UK stores, I'm not sure why.

In Japan it was a lot of places, 100yen shops, Harajuku shops like Thank You Mart and this other place I cant remember the name. The stuff in Japan I loved was sooo cheap, but all very girly, so my hubby doesn't really like it, and stands angrily at the door of the shop huffing and puffing so I wont buy anything! That's the problem with being married to an interior design student, he has a lot of ideas as well, but all of them involve minimal lines and a lot of grey concrete. He isn't studying decorating by the way, its more like interior architecture, like the fit out of the room and building requirements blah blah......Luckily he has no money as he is a student and therefore I get to buy all the things for the home.

Stores I love in Australia!

Douglas & Hope.

I prefer the Brunswick Street store to their city store. Its got a huge range of cute home accessories. I really love the deer plates and hanging owl decorations. Very girly shop. Has clothes too, but I love the home goods more. I got this bird there for only $6! It sits on our TV.

Freedom Furniture.

I don't really like the furniture so much at this chain store, its mainly the accessories for the home that I love. Like this cute cushion. Its only $29.95, so I'm going to go get it on pay day. They also have some beautiful glasses at the moment for $4.95 each which I might get as well.


I used to love love love this place. Its full of amazingly cute Japanese goods. However now my house is full of Japanese kawaii stuff because I lived there for a year so I don't need anymore. Its still a nice shop to visit, and the staff are super nice!

Corky Saint Clair.

Recently had its 4th birthday and I was invited to the party YAY. The shop is under Flinders Street Station and has grown since I was last in Melbourne. It now takes up 2 shops and includes a lot more home stuff and amazing jewelry that is designed by Chris the cool owner.

Chris and Friend at the party.

Shop photos by me

What I wore to the party...a bit crazy


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