Sunday, October 7, 2007

Retro Bicycles and picnics

The other day me and my hubby got beautiful bikes from ebay. We wanted retro looking bikes to go on picnics and to beaches.

This is my bike, I want to get a front basket for it so I can ride around with a
baguette and picnic blanket and look French chic like this!

My husbands bike is shiny and new. It needs a basket too, we think a wicker basket, like
Chloe Sevigny's. However I think it needs to go on the front of the bicycle.

I love how Chloe's bicycle matches her interior.
My bike matches too, being red, but luckily we have
a bicycle park in the apartment building so we dont need
to bring it inside at all.

We really noticed in Japan how different the bicycle culture was. Its very free compared to Australia. Here you have to wear a helmet by law (eww helmet hair) and you cant ride on the footpath, which I find super scary. In Japan you can go out helmet free safe because you know you wont be riding anywhere near a car all day. That's because all the major roads are above you. The worst thing about bike riding in Australia though is how expensive it is. A new bike will cost a minimum of $300, whereas in Japan a beautiful "mama chari" (mothers chariot, because mothers ride them EVERYWHERE with 3 kids on it holding an umbrella in 1 hand, all with no helmets!) is only $100. The only bikes you can get for $300 here are ugly mountain bikes that are not necessary for city riding. Also people here go crazy with drink holders, fluro bike riding vests and flags. Not very chic at all. We did get helmets, but they are plain black and not so ugly so we can look cool and be safe too, and not get a fine for not wearing one.

Its almost summer, so picnic time. I saw this on ebay today and it
is only 99cents right now so maybe I will get it. I do love gingham.

Gingham Love

I made this table cloth out of scrap material from a curtain I made for our old house.

In my red gingham dress at Tokyo Disneyland.
I have this dress in black too, which you can see in my last post.


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