Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wall Declals

I am obsessed right now with wall decals. They were featured in October's Real Living magazine.

I like the idea mostly because as a renter there is only so much you can do to your home. You cant paint it, you cant put up wallpaper, you cant change light fittings and in our house your not even allowed to hang paintings! (but we do, a life without art is not worth living!)

So wall decals are a great way to add a touch of colour or cuteness to an otherwise boring wall.

I really like the ones that are fake home things, like this fireplace wall decal from Urban Outfitters.

I have seen fake lamps, fake glasses and even a coat rack that had hooks coming out from the wall.

I have been searching the net for stockists in Australia, and have found these guys.


They dont have any of the "fake" stuff I like, but they do have very cute animal and nature decals.

Like this bird cage, it is so cute, and for only $20 its a bargain

I think it would look great here, behind my amazing ebay find, the tree coat rack. It was an ex-display stand used at a shoe shop. I know its a copy of a designer, but I love it so much I dont care!

These birds are cool too. I would like them in red. Again they are only $20 (but you only get 4 birds)

These are sooooo cute too. I think I'm going to end up with all of these on pay day.


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  2. Hey, just was looking up for home design blogs and found yours. Small internet world, we live in.

    You should keep it up because it's great. We have simular taste with the interior design stuff, I'm a huge fan of real living mag. OMG How good is Corky Saint Clair, I only started going there this year and I am in so much love with their stuff.
    Just wish I had the cash to spend there and also to do my place up. I will hopefully get a loan once I get back from Japan.

    By the way where did you get the flying birds from, I'm obsessed with flying sparrows at the moment and want some in my room. They have these cool cut outs of flying sparrows displayed at the bookshop in the building where cookie is on Swanston Street.

    Oh your house is lovely btw, Man I so wish I could rip up my ugly arse carpet and have polish hard wood floors. With the green couch I would replace it with a simular red leather couch like the one you already have. I say red and not white because the walls and shelfs and so on are white, and it’s good to contrast them with the red which you have done so well already.

    Anyway sorry to make this really long, I’m a little hyped up about my trip and I’m going insane trying to clean my room.

    Anyway ciao for now,

  3. oops didn't see you had the link for the wall declals shop. thanks :). I'm so going to go crazy buying them when I get back.

  4. If you like things for walls checkout www.wallspace.com.au

  5. http://www.sangsanghoo.com/

  6. Check out this decals website:


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