Friday, June 1, 2007

Tokyo Fashion for not much cash!!!

Tokyo has changed my style. This was evident to me as soon as I touched down in Melbourne. People were staring at me, commenting on my outfit. It was strange. I didn't realise how different I was dressed. In Tokyo right now grunge is "in" in a pretty big way. Its all about giant shirts, baby doll dresses, smiley faces, peace necklaces, white wayfarer's, shiny leggings and oxford style man shoes. That pretty much is my uniform now. In Melbourne people are dressed fashionably...for last season. Anyway I felt like showing you some of my fave looks and accessories that I scored for not much money!

Wayfarers: Topman Harajuku ($37)
Owl necklace: Koenji flea market ($14)

From Left to Right
White platforms: ebay ($60)
Black pumps: Vintage store in New York ($50)
White jelly's: Takeshitta street Harajuku ($20)
Silver oxfords: Takeshitta street Harajuku ($20)
Black heels: Mollini Melbourne ($120)

Mary Kate = Fashionspiration

Shirt (worn as dress): Vintage store in Koenji ($20)
Shiny leggins: Kinja Harajuku ($7.50)
Badge: Spank Shibuya (Free)
Peace Necklace: We Go Harajuku ($10.50)
Bag: Thank You Mart Harajuku ($3.9)
Shoes: As before
Total: ($61.90)
Wow a completely Tokyo outfit, and very cheap too!!!

Dress: Savers Melbourne ($3)
Peace Necklace: Paris Kids Harajuku ($3.15)
Bag and shoes as before
Total: $30.05
Toooo cheap, its almost Free!!!

T-shirt: Henry's (FREE)
Skirt: Savers Melbourne, was a dress ($3)
Shoes as before
Bag: AMAP Harajuku ($50)
Total: $73
The bag made this outfit expensive!!!

*All prices are in AUD, anything bought in yen has been converted to AUD.

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  1. Hey, love the photos of you always looking fashionable. Makes me a little jealous since I can't buy any new clothes atm. but I promise I'll have some new outfits when I go back to Tokyo. So you won't have to be ashamed of daggy Jarra.


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