Monday, June 4, 2007

Tokyo Design Festa

We went to the Tokyo Design Festa at Tokyo Big Site in Odaiba last weekend. It is Asia's biggest design festival, and the biggest thing like it I have ever seen. It had over 500 stalls, all with crazy art, fashion, music, toys, dolls....anything. My friends Yuki and Cagey had a stall, but I didnt get to see it because they only had it for Saturday and I had to work!!!

Tokyo Big Site

Lots of people in the foyer

Some nu rave music

A crazy robot thing that really moves!!!

Yellow Art. live painting (we missed the live part)

Pink art

Red Riding hood....the emo version

On our way we got very lost. We caught the right train....going the wrong way, and didnt realise for 30 mins! It took 4 trains and 2 hours to get there! Gosh Tokyo is confusing sometimes. AND we only got on the right train by accident, because Henry thought we were in Shibuya not Shinjuku which wasnt the case...its a long story ahhhh!!!

Anyway me and Henry wanna go shopping for giant t-shirts in Harajuku now.



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