Friday, June 1, 2007

Melbourne and back to Tokyo

As you all know I went back to Melbourne for a week because my Nana died. It was nice to see my family, but it was very weird to be coming home for this. For me it was really weird because I never saw my Nana sick, so I was still kinda expecting her to be in her rocking chair in the lounge room.

My sister did a very good job organising the funeral. It was nice, and I got to make a speech about how much of a good Nana she was to me and Ebony. On Mothers day we took the flowers from the wreath to the beach where my Nana grew up. From out of nowhere beautiful black swans appeared as we threw the yellow roses into the water. It was very moving.

I also got to catch up with friends. I went out with Lauren to her ex bf Dylan's gig. He is a drummer. The band is kinda crappy but his drumming is amazing!

Here they are posing "Japanese style"

I also went out with Henry's parents and sister for dinner, yummy Vietnamese. God I missed Melbourne food. I had all my old favourites, bimbos, Vietnamese, la porchettas and hungry jacks. All the portion sizes were HUGE! I couldn't finish anything! It was nice to see Henry's mum, she was very happy that me and Henry are married now, which was a bit of a surprise!

I really missed Henry while I was away, it made me scared for when he leaves in July. We will have 3 months apart again, and I'm not looking forward to it. Going back to Melbourne for the week made me not dread going back like I once did, its really not that bad, just a tad small.

Anyway I'm back in Tokyo now. The first weekend back was Sanja Matsuri, which is a big festival in Asakusa. Me and Henry went and took lots of photos. There were thousands of people watching the festival. What happens is groups of people carry a temporary shrine called a mikoshi around the town, chanting, singing and blowing whistles. The are many different groups from all over Japan. I'm not exactly sure what this Matsuri is about, I know that Matsuri's that happen in September are to do with the rice harvest. It was Henry's first Matsuri, so he really enjoyed it. Some people stand on the mikoshi, but that was banned for the 1st time ever this year, but yakuza looking men did it and were promptly arrested.

OK that's all from me for now


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  1. hello hayley I always read your blog and me and my friend are from the uk!It would be great if you had a tips on tokyo for us as we go there in 2 weeks!I'm so excited about the fashion and design there..I know its a bit random but if your free maybe we could meet up as you seem to know some very cool haunts.My email add is look forward to hearing from you Georgina x


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