Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fashionspiration and Wish List

It is becoming SUMMER in Japan and I have never before been so excited for Summer. I guess it is because I have had a whole year of winter. I'm craving going to the beach and swimming like you wont believe! I dont think I've been swimming at a beach since we went to Tahiti for the Christmas of2005 (what a jetsetter hey? we were so lucky to go to Tahiti and stay in a 5 star resort for FREE thanks to Tahiti Airlines who we flew with to New York because they were the cheapest...$1000 each plus tax to NYC is AMAZING!!!! But to have 2 days in Tahiti for NOTHING was sooo FANTASTIC...even though poor Henry got very badly sunburnt)

Anyway I have compiled a picture list of things I want and things that inspire me.

Has anyone noticed that I only wear red, black and white? Well I'm hoping to change that by adding YELLOW to my wardrobe which is the colour of the season...It is dificult for me to do this though, as I havent had any other colours for about 3 years now (yes I am slightly insane!) but seeing as I am now a blonde I'm thinking yellow will suit me. I cant believe I had black hair for soooooooooo long, blonde hair really really suits me. Students ask me if I'm from Scandenavia (wtf how could I be teaching English then??? You have to be a native speaker) and I get sooo many compliments.

For my new YELLOW look I think this skirt will be perfect. Its from Supre in Australia and its $35. I saw it when I was back home, but I didnt have enough money at the time (I went home with only $150 for the week, soooo annoying. I had to get things like toothpaste and work shoes, not fashion...poooooo) I want to order it online, but as my credit cards are all maxed out I cant. I'm going to go shopping tomorrow in Harajuku for something similar.

This dress is also from Supre (hey I guess I like teen fashion) but I think its sooooo cute. Its also only $35 and I think it will be perfect for putting on over my red polka dot tankini (singlet bikini, to hide the belly) It can go from beach to street very easily.

Just like Kirsten Dunst did. However I will be putting a t-shirt on under mine to hide the jelly arms.
Beach Street

I'm also missing my Marc Jacobs basket beach bag because stupidly I didnt pack it when I went back home. I got it half price when we were in New York (and some fantastic Marc Jacobs shoes too) and its perfect for this season. I'm missing it so much I'm thinking of getting this tote. Its just a plain bag with very obvious branding. BUT the selling point is its only $12!!! I've seen it all other the fashion blogs, and I checked it out on his website. I'm hoping they sell it at the Tokyo Marc Jacobs store.

I'm also excited about this silly bag too. Its by Anya Hindmarch and it has been so popular in the UK since its launch it is sold out. Lots of celebs have been caught wearing it. It sold for £5 originally but now the price has gone up a bit. People sell theirs on ebay for $250 or more! Well anyway it is being launched here in Japan on July 14th and will be available through Anya Hindmarch stores in Japan, Isetan and Dover Street Market Tokyo. The colouring is cream with green writing in Japan. I'm wondering if these are going to sell out in seconds here, with lines going around the block (most store openings are like this) But I'm mostly curious to see if the Japanese will know what it means. They use so much plastic here its nuts. Every individual strawberry is in its on plastic bag, anything you buy is put in a bag, even a drink and Maccas! They do this because its rude to not package things, its a tradition....a very annoying one! Anyway I'm gonna get myself 2 of this I reckon. 1 for me and 1 for ebay....shhhhh

In my previous blog post you can see I tried to make a House of Holland tee, but even though I'm happy with it, I'm really wanting a real one anyway. PLUS my FAVE model Agyness Deyn wears hers ALL THE TIME (she gets paid to wear it as a model, but also loves it so much she wears them for FREE, great advertising!)
If anyone knows where I can get 1 in Tokyo please tell me.
I love Agyness so much, she was the face of UK Vogue last month, which has to be the best cover ever! She also parties at all the hot parties like misshapes and boombox (when me and Henry went to misshapes in NYC we thought it was hella boring, and so do most of my friends, Yohei did a funny impression of all the people standing around posing...everyone says boombox is the best one, Yohei loved it...god I need to go to london!!!)

I'm also loving this Cory Kennedy chicks blog. She is like 17 and rich and famous, but also super fashionable. What I love the most though is how she was this net celeb and her parents didnt notice, but once they did they shipped her off to boarding school. It hasnt stopped her partying, just now she doesnt blog as often.

Here she is with her friends and Kelly Osbourne.

Im still obsessed with white wayfarer's. I bought some (you can see mine in my previous post) but I dont thing the lenses are dark enough. Anyway here are some of my fave celebs in theirs

Kirsten Dunst
Im loving her flanny shirt over bathers smoking a ciggy combo. God I want to go to the beach!

The original and the best, Chloe Sevigny

Mary Kate

I'm no longer angry either. That was a moment of insanity. I just wanted to be photographed at a cool party. Melbourne isnt so bad, and I am glad I went home, I mean it was for my beloved nanas funeral. Plus me and Henry are going to open a shop ASAP! so its going to be FUN!!!

Sayonara xxx


  1. Hey. I'm not exactly sure how popular they are here yet. I was just going to go to the shop on July 14th and see if they have them. I dont really think they will be that popular here, because I havent seen them in any Japanese magazines, and most of my friends wouldnt know the celebtities who wore it so they wouldnt know about the bag...if that makes sense. I might ask some fashionable students if they know about the bag.

  2. (I posted this on 2 of your different blogs to make sure you got it! haha) Hey! I stumbled upon your blogs somehow, because I just got back from Tokyo for the first time this last week, and wanted to say I really enjoyed them!

    I thought the spank girls were the most interesting! I had heard of a style in Harajuku called "fake spank" before. So is there actually a store? I wish I would have seen it..but we had SOO much to discover in 5 days, it was wayyy too hard! Fortunately, I'm going back this summer for about 5 weeks. Please contact me, I would love to chat with you! I love Harajuku and the crazy original styles there as well, hahaha.

    My myspace is

    I would really appreciate hearing from you somehow! I also love art and design, and my dream is to work for a company that is based in Tokyo and the US and possibly do character design, because you know how everything over there seems to have a mascot! email is also . Sorry I couldn't find any other way to contact you, I REALLY hope to hear from you! I would love to visit the spank store when I go back, but have no way of finding it. Thanks and have an awesome week!

    -Brandon in Oklahoma

    P.S. I forgot to mention the first time, I met some aussie's in Tokyo, one actually from Melbourne, and they were boppin'! haha ttyl

  3. You in Japan is like Alice in Wonderland.

    The pics are amazing!


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