Friday, June 8, 2007


There are so many reasons for me to be angry right now. Number 1 I am angry at myself for dropping out of uni. Basically because of that I cant live in Japan long term, I have to leave in September. I dont want to leave, infact I never want to leave. While I was in shitty fucken Australia I missed the BEST party, the VICE party....Guess who was there? COBRASNAKE he took photos of all my friends (check out the tokyo pics)...but of course not me. He takes all the photos from cool parties around the world and he is very very famous...I mean he took photos of Mary-Kate, and he also propelled Cory Kennedy to stardom via Nylon mag. If I go back to Australia there is none of this, no possibility of meeting anyone cool or famous, no possibility of any FUN. I dont know what to do. A friend suggested seeing if I know anyone who can sponser my visa...they suggested the Spank gals...but I'm 100% sure I need a degree to be elegiable to be sponsered. Fuckity Fuck fuck fuck! If anyone knows how I can stay longer than the extra 6 month visa extension let me know please!!!

Anyway I had to write that down because I needed some healing!!! (crazy yes?)

UPDATE: some of my friends are on
Which is a blog that teases cool people! Why? Cos they are jelous honey...anyway #7 is Yuki, #2 is Ole and Rory and #1 is Jonte! Check it out!!!



  1. hmm, bummer... can you go back home and finish your degree and then come back to Japan (dont you have something like 8 years to finish it?). I have heard about people getting a full time visa without a degree but I think you sometimes need 10 years experience in that field (which is dumb). I did hear about 1 girl who got a full time visa but it was a few years ago now and I dont know if things are the same... ? I think she got a letter of recommendation from the company and was very persistant and kept going back to the Visa office until she found someone who WOULD approve it. I guess its worth a try. You could try the fashion angle? I dont know what kind of visa that would be though (prob not a Specialist in Humanities -- which is what I have -- hahahaha! so funny!). Its doubtful ive ever done anything for humanity.

  2. Sharnee is right maybe you should come back home and finish your degree, there are worse things and uni isn't too bad. and while your doing it, have some money to go back to Japan everynow and then.


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