Thursday, June 14, 2007

A week of Work Fashion

I decided to post a weeks worth of work outfits to get your opinions. My company is very conservative when it comes to dress sense and I am always in trouble for my clothes. It really annoys me because I am trying to dress conservatively, and it is if you see what I normally wear. In Australia this wouldn't even be an issue, because wearing fashion to work is normal, but in Japan everyone is a black suit clone. When I look at Aussie fashion mags and what they suggest for work wear its all very cool, but you wouldn't get away with it here. Some things I bought from the work section of TARGET!!!! and they get me in trouble!!! I don't get it! So here are my weeks worth of work clothes (so far 2 days worth) and I want to know what you think. Are my outfits too fashionable for work? Are they too "maid style"?

1st work day, Tuesday 12th June

Dress: New, bought on the weekend at Three Minutes Happiness in Shibuya, $26
Bag: Anap Harajuku, $50
Shoes: Big W work heels $20 (bought in desperation for a job interview!!!)
Hair in a ponytail...looks a bit shoddy!

In this outfit I got told by students that I look like Kirstin Dunst!!!

Cute Bib detailing

2nd work day, Wednesday 13th June

Ballet Flats and hot legs in pantyhose!

Blouse: Vintage, Kinji in Harajuku $8
Skirt: Vintage, Savers Melbourne $4
Shoes: Payless shoes Melbourne $30
Belt: Portmans Melbourne $30

3rd work day, Friday 15th June (Thursday I forgot to take a photo!)

On Thursday I fell off my bicycle because of the rain and got huge scratches all up my legs. I was also late to work because I had to go home and change due to my pantyhose being all torn and muddy! Really annoying!

Blouse: Vintage, Kinji Harajuku $8
Skirt: Vintage, Savers Melbourne $4
Shoes: trendy brogues, Mollini Melbourne $119
Braces: Target Bendigo $20
Bow necklace: Diva Melbourne $6 (gift at the airport from my mum)
Not really the best outfit, but my knee hurt and I was tired. Notice how much black and white I'm wearing to work. I got in trouble for wearing colour. So boring!!!!

BUT my fashionspiration comes from Chloe Sevigny

She has AMAZING legs...that guy cant help but check them out!

I was talking to my superior about what I wear, and he said I need to look at someone and model my look on them. I was like "I do already, Chloe Sevigny". He was like, uhhhh not what I meant! LOL...oh well!

4th work day, Saturday 16th June

Shirt: Valleygirl Melbourne $20
Vest: Valleygirl Melbourne $15
Skirt: Target Melbourne $30 (I had to remove tons of ugly beads from this skirt!)
Belt: Portmans Melbourne $30
Bird Necklace: Diva Melbourne $3
Payless shoes Melbourne $30

Very Melbourne...

So that was a weeks worth of fashion. Not too exciting, very toned down from my regular wardrobe...but I still get in trouble!!! WHYYYYYY?

AHHHH something strange happened to the font size...even if i make it tiny on the published blog it goes HUGE...ahhh sorry ill fix it soon!


  1. maybe a bit too sexy for n0va (you work for them, right?)? hahaha.... but awesomely cool! I love that dress in the first photo so much! kawaii desu!

  2. ps* i worked for nova for 5 years before (now I dont) - have you heard the recent news about them? oooh, naughty nova!


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