Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tokyo Fashion Week Day 1

I have had a really good past week. On Saturday night we went to an AMAZING fashion party at my fave venue, Nude Trump Room in Shibuya, the place with all the deer heads and chandeleirs! The party was called Sweet Dreams, and it was the most Fashionable party I have been to. It was like someone opened the pages of FRUiTS magazine and they all fell out of the pages and into a party. All the subcultures were represented, Spank hyper pink, Indie, Gothic, Ganguro, Raver....EVERYTHING!!!! Gallermic dj'd and so did the spank girls. The dj's played all my FAVES like "call on me" and "hung up" I love that my fave "bad" music is COOL here! I love dance music!!! Its soooo much fun to dance to, me and the spank girls danced around the pole and people pulled me up on stage and everyone cheered...infact anything I did people cheered. Me and Henry got asked for photos about 15 times! Gallermic thinks he discovered me...lol...HONEY I discovered myself thankyou.

Here are some party pics!


Below Yuki is dancing

Saki in me glasses

Gallermic (The Fashion Ramone) djing


Cass...He loves to DANCE!!!

The girl with the curls is my hair dresser!!!

Maya is sooooo happy!

I look like "Miney mouse"

The party was maybe my FAVE so far...the music...the fashion it was just soooo fun!!!

Next up I went with Gallermic to Tokyo Fashion Week day 1...I will be going most other days too. Its really cool because he has a press pass so we can sit front row, and go to the press office and drink Free Red Bull. We dont have to line up at all and people think we are really important! We got our photo taken by the international press and people just stared at us because we are dressed sooooo "out there" its soooo fun...I cant believe I am so lucky!!!

Me out the front...I changed into better shoes just after this!


The 1st show was "mercibeaucoup" in the north tent in Tokyo Marunouchi area. We got to walk ahead of everyone and sit front row...loving it!

The runway had cute forest mushroom plush cushion things...really cute!

The clothes were AMAZING!!! Really colourful pieces apparently inspired by balloons.

I will let the clothes speak for themselves but my fave is the big blue plaid dress...Its such a HOT shape right now, I'm loving plaid and its an amazing cut. I love the way they cut fabric like origami here.

The next show was "Hisui", I wasnt in such a good spot because we were late but here is 1 photo

The clothes for me wernt as exciting, but they are cut really well. The show also wasnt as spectacular, maybe because it was in the foyer of an office building rather than a fashion runway. My fave piece is the middle outfit with the white singlet over the navy shirt. I love the detail on the singlet.

Ok well thats all for now, more posts throughout fashion week. Tomorrow I am seeing "Ne Net" in Harajuku and apparently FRUiTS will be taking photos there so cross my fingers hope to die!!! Apparently at the market I went to last week the photographers were there and took a photo of one of my friends....1 hour before we got there....poooooooo

anywayz Sayonara!


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