Sunday, April 1, 2007


Ok, ok I know I said I will post daily during fashion week...but I've been busy!

Henry and I decided to get married while he was here in Tokyo, so I've been orgainising that. We are having a picnic wedding ceremony in Yoyogi Park, then a cool party in Shibuya with Spank dj and Gallermic dj! Its gonna be so much FUN!

I bought some cool fake chloe shoes to wear to the wedding on ebay from the USA. It was really annoying to pay for them because we had to use western union and there is only ONE in Japan and it is far away and really really busy grrrrrrr. The good thing is its near the Imperial Palace, so me and Henry had a nice time afterwards in the garden of the palace!

Arent the shoes HOT???

The Imperial Palace gate. I love the swan!

A large "Bonsai" style tree in the Imperial Palace garden.

My wedding dress is a lover look white lace babydoll dress I bought for only $50! sooooo cheap. Its really cute and short! Its gonna look hot with my shoes and the Spank gals are making me a giant red heart necklace thats says hayley n henry in it...soooo coool

OH during Tokyo Fashion week me and gallermics photo appeared in the daily fashion week was a paperazi style photo, so cool. Our photo was right next to the PRIME MINISTER of Japan, Abe!!! Like we were important!

*****I will upload a photo of the paper soon*****

Also right now the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) is out so its Hanami party time. We have been to a few parties lately...its soooo crowded, like the melbourne show!

This tree is my faveourite. Its near my house so I see it every day.
It seems a bit dangerous to have all the branches so close to the
powerlines...but hey its a cherry blossom I guess thats
why they dont cut it down. On Sunday people even had a Hanami party
under this tree! They blocked off the road and hung lanterns in it.
I didnt get to take a photo of that, sorry.

These are some trees in Yoyogi Park.

Me in yoyogi Park.

This is in Shinjuku Park. In front of me is my friend ***** who
is visiting from *********. Then the guy in the blue shirt is her *******, and the other people
are her *******'s friends. Notice how Henry's daks are out! Ha ha!
When me and Henry arrived it started photo mania. Because we dress
"Kawaii" or very cute we always get people wanting to take our photo.
So basically for 30 mins we were posing to a chorus of "kawaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii"
"you are so cute", "cute couple" etc...It gets embarrasing!!!!

Look how many people. Most cant even see the cherry blossoms! CRAZY!
People cheer when the blossoms "snow" petals as its the most beautiful
part of Hanami. It really does look like snow!

Near my house there is this cute dog that sleeps on a 2nd story ledge that seems really dangerous!

Can you see him?

Here he adorable! KAWAII!!!
My camera does a good zoom in!

Also I have had another visitor here in Japan. Her name is *****, and we met off ************.com (a bit embarrasing) but she is really cool. We took her around Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku. We took her to the spank shop, she loved it. Maya was there being cute.

Me and ***** out the front of Meiji Shrine in Harajuku.

We saw some Kimono clad girls at the Shrine. Kawaiiiiiii.

Here is the Shrine.

Ok I have to go meet ***** in Akhibara Electric town. We are going to a maid cafe! YAY!!!


*some names have been edited for privacy


  1. Hayley, congrats on your engagement! That is so awesome.

    I'm glad you're having a fantastic time, and you're making me want to come to Japan even more!


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